3DS and Vita: why dedicated handhelds will never die "In less than six months, I’ve found myself returning to handheld platforms as my primary gaming destination. It’s been an odd, gradual transition that has taken me by surprise, but I haven’t had so much pure, uncomplicated fun playing games on-the-go in a long time."

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time and time again i come across so many "is ____ dying?" articles and i cant help but think to myself that its all a bunch of garbage. gamers like to imagine these false realities in which handhelds are being taken over by mobile devices, but all you really have to do is look at the sales numbers to gain a solid perspective. well over 30 million 3ds sales prove that the handheld market is thriving, just like it should. perhaps its because the vita isnt pulling as much weight as it should, but soon enough the price drops will come and it too should be well off.

dedicatedtogamers2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

We should also consider that the 3DS and Vita are going to be the 8th Gen's cheapest platforms. That shouldn't be ignored.

IMO, the West has been following Japan's tech trends for the last 15 years and the West is already shifting over to the handhelds, so it would not surprise me if 3DS and Vita ended up being the most successful platforms this gen.

mii-gamer2018d ago

gtfo, You are too smart for da intranet

sherimae24132018d ago

yes handheld gaming will continue to stay, same as for console gaming
they deliver great games and experiences ^_^

they maybe imitated by smartphones... but a no buttons and analog is big NO for me and still sony and nintendo franchises will never be appear on those smartphones ^_^

gamer422018d ago

I can never imagine games like pushmo, fire emblem, gravity rush, shin megami tensai, and uncharted would ever feel as good and functional on a smartphone than an actual gaming handheld.

gamer422018d ago

*never feel as good and functional...

*than on an actual...

Gr812018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Just being honest here but, maybe the 3DS will survive but Vita? The damn things pretty much dead already.

EDIT: Sorry Gamer, just call it as I see it : ) I don't share your optimism. Competition is great, but Vita isn't competition..and if it is supposed to be, it isn't doing a good job. I'm not sure the software it has will garner it mainstream attention...I could be wrong lets see what E3 brings.

gamer422018d ago

HEY! The vita isn't dead! There's still some life in it. It's just in need of more games and a cheaper memory card. The vita has a truckload of potential, and none of it used. Once it gets a price drop everywhere else in the world and the games start coming in, the 3DS will finally have some competition. And Competition is always good in the industry.

sherimae24132018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

dead?! how come?
i guess you should just wait until e3 before saying things like that

it maybe struggling yes, when it comes to hardware sales...
but it can change if a price cut to the system and its memory cards are announce for it

games? there is already a lot for it spanning almost every genre, you just doesnt look at it or your just hate the damn thing
there are games that are in development that are unnannouce and mostly will be reveal at e3

TongkatAli2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I hope you're wrong, but i see where your coming from. Vita was expected to sell 10 million at this point its at half of that.

My favorite handheld ever, hope it keeps on trucking and getting dev support.

Edit: Everyone and their mothers need to buy Guacamelee, especially if you're a Nintendo fan, so many Nintendo references in that game.

sherimae24132018d ago

im going to remember what you have said here and i will take it back to you after e3, you said you could be wrong? im sure that you are wrong about it....

Gr812017d ago

I hope you don't go into hiding if it turns out that I was correct while you were in error ; )

TongkatAli2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You remind me of Lul_Wut but for the Nintendo side. No one should go in hiding for making a mistake, that is just stupid besides her comments are happy ones most of the time and your comments most of the time is bitching about "Sony Fanboys" if there is one who should go in hiding we all know who, no offense.

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TongkatAli2018d ago

I use to remember all the Pokemon raps as a kid, LOL.

GreenRanger2018d ago

They messed up some of the pictures in the Pokerap. :-(

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