Free-to-Play Shooter Warframe Coming to PS4

Today, IGN can confirm that Warframe, the “space ninja” co-op game, is coming to PlayStation 4. It will launch alongside Sony’s new hardware, and will follow a similar free-to-play, microtransaction model as the game does on PC.

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Salooh1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Free game to try in release date :D . Waiting for gameplay before judge.

Yeah. It looks fun for a free to play game :) , just turn off the voice xD :

Pintheshadows1991d ago

It is ok. Needs some more work, but I do love the support PS4 is getting from MMO devs.


I love the support too, but I played both Black Light Retribuition and Warframe on Steam (both coming to PS4), Warframe is not the game you will play on any platform for a long time even on PS4. Ok I know that badass videos and bad score (69 on Metascore)are nothing compared to when you play. Unfortunately the reviews are right. The game is heavy paced, controls are clumsy and gameplay is meh, even the graphics looking awesome in trailers are really bad ingame (I max it out). Black Light on the other side has better gameplay and will be cool on PS4. BTW, both games are using Unreal Engine 3, hey need to upgrade to UE4 on PS4, like how Primal Cranage upgraded otherwise having a last-gen game on the most powerful next-gen console won't be cheerfully welcomed even as F2P.

Pintheshadows1991d ago

Blacklight is also a very very nice looking game, I have to say, and I like the pace of its combat. It does just enough different to stand out to me. It feels like what Black Ops 2 should have been if that makes sense. The gunplay is awesome as is the customisation.

ThatCanadianGuy5141991d ago

Not just MMO devs.PC devs in general are looking at PS4 and licking their lips too.

Expect an announcement by Dean hall or Sony on the blog soon to drop the DayZ standalone bomb for PS4.

Hatsune-Miku1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

so playstation 4 will get most of the games that were exclusive to the pc. with the touchpad and the proper controller for the ps4 it is the best gaming platform especially now with specs that arent even available for any other platform now.
with the reputation of sony being the only one to constantly release new ips and amazing exclusives its the best choice for smart gamers. i really hope the last of us, gt6 and beyond two souls are playable on the ps4

ps4 is amazing, first day

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RedHawkX1991d ago

yep it makes sense to get a ps4 for your first next gen console purchase as there will be so many free games to play out the box on top of that you get superior mutliplat titles because the hardware is just more powerful and third, sony has and does the most support for there consoles as you can see AAAA 1st party exclusive games still coming out for it in variety of genres and new games. the last of us, pupeteer, beyond 2 souls, the last guardian, gt6, god of war acsension just to name a small amount of games out and coming out for the ps3 still that are exclusives. whats coming out for the wii? whats coming out for the x360? nothing really.

also xbox one will not have a free game at all. MS doesnt do free just look at the 60 dollars you have to pay to get online. you even had to pay a fee to watch hd dvds while bluray came free in the ps3.

Statix1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Interesting tidbit on porting Warframe to the PS4:

“...and [PlayStation 4], in my opinion, is incredible to develop for. It is awesome, and I don’t want to speak disparagingly about any existing or prior platforms, but we showed Warframe for the first time to our entire studio, and everyone had their jaws on the floor, how 1080p, silky smooth and beautiful it was. So, I’m really, really enjoying working on the machine.”

Good to see that developers are seemingly having a very easy time getting their games up-and-running smoothly on the PS4, and quickly to boot.


With that said, I have to echo the sentiments of others. The game itself is incredibly repetitive. All the missions feel the same, and even the maps feel the same. The graphics only look good in the tutorial.

Not exactly the spiritual successor to Dark Sector that I was looking for.

KwietStorm1991d ago

Damn man thanks for the roller coaster lol

trenso11991d ago

the game is great its free to play on steam and im loving it

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jdktech20101991d ago

That's awesome news. I don't know how good it is but I don't really like using keyboard and mouse on games that aren't MMOs.

Now I'll have KZ: Shadowfall, Infamous Second Son, Blacklight Retribution (which i'm excited for) and Warframe all on PS4.

I've been a microsoft xbox owner since they started and would love to get an xbox one but they're gonna have to kill it at E3 for me to get one at launch (or at all).

Keep em' coming Sony....I wouldn't mind Planetside 2 if you're just being all awesome and stuff.

Pintheshadows1991d ago

Blacklight Retribution is thoroughly excellent for a F2P game.

Punch-o1991d ago

Good to see some blacklight retribution fans.

aquamala1991d ago

it's as good as the best multiplayer games I've played, not just F2P

RyuStrife1991d ago

You can just try it on steam with the 360 controller. The controller is supported.

jdktech20101991d ago

I didn't know that...Last time I tried it, it wasn't but that was several months ago.

I might give it a shot again.

Either way I'm excited to play it on my tv and surround sound. It's a good get for Sony

titletownrelo1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

wait, wait, wait

Is BlackLight Retribution and Warframe EXCLUSIVE to PSN!?

:O -> :) -> :D

Wow, go SONY, bringing in da indie titles!

fredrikpedersen1991d ago

Yeah, PlanetSide 2 would be incredible. And Sony already owns it, sooooo.

titletownrelo1991d ago

lol, never actually thought of that! your logic is very logical.

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Iceman_Nightmare1991d ago

Yay, more games to play on PS4... meanwhile on XBOX ONE...

DarthJay1991d ago

Hold that thought for a week. There are some pretty juicy rumors floating around for both consoles and some of them are starting to come true. This was one of them.

PurpHerbison1991d ago

Seems like you don't care for the Xbox One. Understandable. But you should learn to not talk about stuff you don't care about. There was no reason at all for you to tag that on to your post.

cyguration1991d ago

This is a game that belongs on console. It felt like it was designed for consoles. I hope they can iron out the kinks a bit more so it feels weightier and more streamlined.

There's no real conflict yet...but hopefully they can fix this.

MikeyDucati11991d ago

So...Raiden Wars? BTW, it looks dope. I like the concept (who doesn't like space ninjas?). And it's F2P. Can't beat that.

I think we should thank certain games for leading the charge of bringing MMO to PS3 and PS4; to consoles period. I know it has been talked about but now its being done.

Thank you DC Universe Online. And thank you DUST 514. You guys are the very reasons (IMO) why we are having dev companies consider bringing MMO to PS4

And I know this is a stretch but, hey, Digital Extremes! What do you say about making a Dark Sector 2 for the next gen? I loved the gameplay action of gun and glaive. Especially the fact that you couldn't use weapons too much because ammo was scarce or due to your infection you couldn't handle it for long. I loved that game...and if you make another one, I know it would be bad ass!

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