Disney Fantasia Music Evolved Preview Interview With Harmonix Daniel Sussman - Gamerhubtv

Walt Disney's music masterpiece continues with Harmonix at the helm of Fantasia: Music Evolved. Producer Daniel Sussman discusses the new Kinect music game in this exclusive interview.

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ltachiUchiha1990d ago

Lol yeah was hoping for that too.

Blackdeath_6631989d ago

i don't get it, they are trying to promote this new "innovative" game using the kinect with no demonstration as to how it will work apart from people randomly flailing their arms about.

Pintheshadows1989d ago

'people randomly flailing their arms about'

In my experience isn't that what all Kinect games are like?

CrossingEden1989d ago

because e3 is not around the corner right? -_-

Blackdeath_6631989d ago

then why not reveal it at E3???!!!

gamerlive1990d ago

This concept is just what the music game genre needs for a boost.

WeAreLegion1989d ago

No. They've already tried this. While fun, it's not exactly a seller.

Roper3161989d ago

Here is the future of the Xbox brand so expect alot of these types of games from them, hope your ready for it.

AngelicIceDiamond1989d ago

Yep fanboy, that's the exactly what it is. Its funny, because this is the only casual title that got announced so far.

Roper3161989d ago

no fanboy as I own a 360 & a original Xbox. But this has been what the Xbox has been about the last 2-3 years. Have you seen their last 3 E3 shows? What do you think you will be seeing at E3 this year? COD, Halo, Forza & Kinect crap.

I currently am playing Witcher2 on my 360, so what are you playing on your PS3? Probably nothing because you're probably the fanboy with only 1 console and your in a whole lot of denial about what the Xbox is about these days.

AngelicIceDiamond1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


So your gonna site and ignore Rare's presence, Black Tusks presence, Remedy's presence a possible new Crackdown?

Plus other Ip's and games from MS other studios that we don't know about?

It sounds like to me MS has been planning a wealth of games at E3 this year. It sucks the 360 had to suffer X1 development and games like Ryse moving over to X1.

So your Kinect, Halo and Cod logic is redundant this time around.

Yeah defending something is being a REAL fanboy now right. You can check my comment history and see other wise.

Im in denial about the X1 these days? Really? Explain how am I in SO much denial.