Thief: Revising the House of Blossoms

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have been unveiling innumerous artworks about the upcoming remake of Thief. Last week, we analyzed a mysterious drugstore artwork, now we’ll present and revise the famous House of Blossoms, since a new art piece featuring this promiscuous place has just been released.

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Relientk771691d ago

Cannot wait to see this game at E3

ohcatrina1691d ago

Got to preview this game a while ago, and I'm so excited for it!

Dr Pepper1691d ago

Heard some rumors regarding conflicting creative visions concerning this game. Please Gaming Gods, don't take another stealth title away from us and please retain the elements that make Thief the awesome franchise that it is. My mind wanders to nightmarish places when I hear such rumors in today's gaming industry. Will we get Thief? Or will we get an imposter?