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League Of Legends Coming To Xbox One?

Blaine Smith of MMOAttack Writes:

I've been spouting about the lack of MMO presence on today's consoles and it would be fitting for Sony and Microsoft to chase down the top free-to-play games, but without any official confirmation this is purely speculation. (League of Legends, PC, Xbox One)

Gildarts  +   444d ago

LoL wouldn't even work unless they have some heavy modifications.
I_am_Batman  +   444d ago
Something like voice control?

"Jayce canon form. Auto attack second melee minion. Kill Yorick." lol.

I really don't see a reason why I should play lol on a console. Even if it's possible to play it with mouse and keyboard.
xpblader20  +   444d ago
It should work in my opinion. The XBONE's specs are more than enough. and According to microsoft "First comes the tiny Host OS, which boots the machine and then launches two other hard-partitioned systems: the Shared partition, an environment that runs any apps (Skype, Live TV, Netflix, etc.) and helps provide processing power for the Kinect sensor and its gesture and voice controls; and the Exclusive partition, which is where games run. " The XBONE OS should be able to use because it says ^ runs any apps + you can skype while playing games due to the new multitasking feature.You can probably also plug in a keyboard/mouse. And the XBONE is builded similar to a PC.
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AznGaara  +   444d ago
Yay! Now I can spend $500 on a console for a game I can play on my PC for free...
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ZeroX9876  +   444d ago
Well maybe you wont buy it for that game, but its always a nice addition. How can having a new game to play on a system bad? Just play on your platform of choice and let the others enjoy it on theirs.
papashango  +   444d ago
Even if it is a f2p for m$...

you'll still need to dish out a monthly fee to M$ to play online.

very stupid. considering 10 year old hardware can run LoL
RTheRebel  +   444d ago
That would be big
But how in the world would you play this with a controller?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   444d ago
Controller plus Kinect? Has their been any official word if mouse and keyboard are allowed this time on the X1?
ExCest  +   444d ago
This would not work unless there was KB+M support. If it did, well then there would be even more players for this game.

On a side note, I prefer Dota 2.
sashimi  +   444d ago
If there is crossplay the console players would get dominated...
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Reverent  +   444d ago
DUST 514 is already proof that Microsoft wouldn't allow any sort of cross-play. Shame really.
nikrel  +   444d ago
I wonder why this would not come to the PS4?
Reverent  +   444d ago
No one is saying it wouldn't, but regardless, this is pure speculation. The only proof this site has that it could happen is a picture of the game with some xbox icons (which anyone could easily photoshop).

The guy even says, "Let me start by saying that there's a massive chance this is totally fake."
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shikamaroooo  +   444d ago
You'll need a gold subscription which is a big no for me.
Ultraplayerxp  +   444d ago
lol at LoL. Dota 2 ftw!
mikemadden  +   444d ago
What if you needed xbox live gold to play? LOL!
DarthJay  +   444d ago
It's funny that the PS3 people are coming in here making jokes yet in the Warframe article it's the greatest news ever. League Of Legends is one of the biggest games in the world, and there is literally nothing that anyone can say that will make this seem like it's a bad thing for Xbox.

Both games are a great thing for both companies and consoles. I hope both are true.
Gildarts  +   444d ago
Where's the picture?
saint_seya  +   444d ago
I would like to have LOL on my console #i dont like the x-box so far and for sure im getting a ps4, but im not ruling out xbox one if they remove all the crap of drm and kinect always on# and games like this would get me thinking on it #i can get lol on my comp, but i would like to try the game if is adapted to a control to see how it goes.
Iceman_Nightmare  +   444d ago
Diablo 3 > League of Legends... and we all know it.. PlayStation 4 has Diablo 3
Sideras  +   444d ago
League of Legends is considered and MMO now? What has the world come to...

Soon Super Mario will be considered an FPS.
Tokyo_reject  +   444d ago
No, thank you try again.
ginsunuva  +   444d ago
With analog sticks?

Lolololololololol!!!!!!!! (No pun intended)
Hicken  +   444d ago
Well, there's nothing to say the XBOne won't have kb/m support... I think.

That said, it'd cost too much. Likely buying the game, whatever subscription may be necessary, and Xbox Live, as well.
MikeMyers  +   443d ago

FFXI did not require a Gold membership to play. It doesn't matter anyways since you have no interest in the system which kind of begs the question why you keep posting in topics about the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One. I guess the answer will no doubt be because I can.
Furrytr1angle  +   444d ago
Warframe is going on PS4 so i dont see why they wouldnt be able to throw it on xbox one, all it would do is give LoL a bigger community of players on the console side. I play like 4 different platforms right now, wouldnt bother me if i could get most of my games on one platform.

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