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Precursor Games shuts down Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding campaigns, hopes to relaunch soon

Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes:

"Company plans to re-launch Kickstarter campaign soon, thanks to 'exciting opportunities'." (PC, Shadow of the Eternals, Wii U)

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badjournalism   637d ago | Immature | show
I was really looking forward to this. This sucks.
weekev15  +   637d ago
Why does it suck? Reading between the lines, they are relaunching in a couple of weeks due to an "exciting opportunity" could someone be part funding or publishing it?
I hope that they really do relaunch the game but it seems weird to stop funding for these new things they want to do. People seem to be so negative towards Precursor Games because of Dennis Dyack and I feel they will never get off the ground with this project. I hope i am wrong because this looks like an amazing game.
LOL_WUT  +   637d ago
The game going multiplatform is in the works most likely. ;)
Dj7FairyTail  +   637d ago
I bet Nintendo funded them
OrangePowerz  +   637d ago
Why need Kickstarter if Nintendo is funding them?
segamon  +   637d ago
I hope not, we need this game on all platforms if possible even the PC.
kewlrats  +   637d ago
I think they're probably re-scoping the game down from 12 episodes to 6. This will cut cost, and twelve was FAR too many. They may also have a US publisher in line, too. Maybe iOS is now a part of it as well? All of these things could help.
Skate-AK  +   637d ago
So what happens to the people that pledged? Do they get their money back?
richierich  +   637d ago
If you back on Kickstarter you only get charged if the kickstarter campaign reaches its goal
Skate-AK  +   637d ago
Cool. Thanks for the info.
Jagsrock  +   637d ago
If people actually read the article they'll find that this is a good thing not a bad thing. the game is not cancelled by any means it's actually quite the opposite.
OrangePowerz  +   637d ago
How far away was it from the target?

I find it odd to restart it just because some things have changed.
porkChop  +   637d ago
It was very far. $127,414 out of $1.35m. There were only 14 days left.

Can't help but think their problems have a lot to do with Dyack being involved. He's an arrogant asshole that most people don't like, and blames his own failures on everyone else including gamers. I don't see many people supporting anything he's involved in. But best of luck to them anyway.
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OrangePowerz  +   637d ago
It could turn out to be a good game and I hope so, but I`m sure if they would have reached the target or being very close to it they would not relaunch Kickstarter.

Not sure what to think of Dyack being involved given Too Human.
Heavenly King  +   637d ago
Obviously that is because a big publisher just picked up the game.
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Gameatholon  +   637d ago
This is a good thing, and you know what shame on everyone for giving Dyack such a hard time.

Yes the man made some terrible choices, and believe me he is no saint, but he seems genuinely apologetic, and come on people that Kotaku article had ZERO sources and reeked of sloppy journalism, but fan boys ate it up hook line and sinker, and now lash out at Dyack like the guy murdered their families.

That article was turned down numerous times because each respectable Editor in chief read it and said this could be all made up, you don't have 1 reliable, or credible source on here, only a place like Kotaku could that article ever see the light of day.

Also want to point out that I live in St Kitts Ontario, and everyone that I have spoke to (even ex employees) had nothing but nice things to say about Dennis.

I don't care what you've done on this planet everyone deserves another chance. Let him redeem himself and prove to the gaming community that he's not a one hit wonder

This blurb is the crucial detail everyone is missing;

"As we’re closing the current Kickstarter campaign not a single dime from this campaign will be removed from supporters’ accounts and everyone from our website’s crowdfunding campaign will receive full refunds via PayPal. As we re-tool our campaign and continue development, the forums on our site will remain open and active and any interested fans can still join the ‘Order of the Unseen’ to see our progress and join in the fun of creating content for the game themselves."
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kwyjibo  +   637d ago
Silicon Knights essentially tried to pirate the Unreal Engine, and got caught.

They then sold all their assets to a company which by coincidence is made up of the same principals.

My problem was never with the quality of Too Human or X-Men. It was a fundamental problem of trust.
Gameatholon  +   637d ago
Like I said he's no saint, but everyone makes mistakes, and terrible business decisions, in this case, exceptionally terrible.

But should somebody be excommunicated from what they love, if they're genuinely and truly sorry.
I believe that he should be given a chance at redemption.

Gamers are so quick to judge, but not so much to forgive, why is that?
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kwyjibo  +   637d ago
It probably means they've got a publisher to trust them, after failing to get consumers to trust them.
Gameatholon  +   637d ago
As someone else pointed out before, Why restart crowdfunding & kickstarter if they have a publisher willing to fund them. Kind of nullifies the point don't you think.

Instead of just hitting a disagree, would you care to defend your opinion, I am really open to discussion

So let's say Nintendo decides to help Precurser as you say, they would literally throw millions of dollars at this game's development, like they do for all their first and party and second party games, why would precurser feel the need to relaunch kickstarter and crowdfunding campaign, because Nintendo isn't willing to give them that extra million dollars?

Anyway there is no point in speculation, I'm sure we'll know soon enough what there plan is.
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kwyjibo  +   637d ago
Yeah, because companies really want to turn down the cheapest form of financing available.

Do you really think Peter Molyneux needs your money?

If they have a publisher on board, then potential backers have greater security in knowing that the game will actually come out. You build a community of evangelists. The money you raise on Kickstarter is essentially free. It's a loan you'll never have to pay back.
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OrangePowerz  +   637d ago

I won`t support a game on kickstarter if the developer has a publisher for the game. The publisher is responsible for financing development so I wouldn`t give them money. The point of kickstarter is that devs can make the games without the need for a publisher and self publish the games once they are done. If they don`t have a publisher like Star Citizen I`m more then welcome to support them with money.

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