EGM April Reveals: 50 Cent: Bulletproof: 2,Motorstorm 2 , SOCOM - 'Bigger, Badder and more Realistic' and More

It was simply inevitable. With Vivendi shipping well over a million copies of 50 Cent: Bulletproof to over a million suckers with crap taste in shooters, a sequel was expected. According to a cover snap of the latest issue of EGM, 50 Cent II, as we're calling it now, is reality. It's getting the "first look" preview treatment in next month's mag, something for which we're sure the boys at EGM were gentlemanly enough to feign interest in for a well-deserved exclusive.

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decapitator3528d ago

Totally didn't see this coming.. 50 cent II ?

sonarus3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

hahaha believe it or fvkin not that is a day one purchase for me right there. I had the funnest time laughing at that game. Can't wait to laugh at it some more.

Edit: I'm serious too for those who havn't played it, i suggest a rental. It really is a hillarious game. Can't wait to hear some more crazy eminem antics, and some more shoot out with g unit crew. Hopefully i can play as some one else besides 50 this time. I was completely caught off guard by 50 cent 2 announcement. Its NOT gonna sell though. But i will at least rent it maybe we can get online multiplayer and play as the entire interscope records. I call dibs on jadakiss lol.

aftrdark213528d ago

50 Cent 2???? Please be an april fools joke, please....

Storm233528d ago

I just think it is funny that 50 Cent 2 is the first one mentioned in the title. haha.

I hope the MotorStorm 2 stuff will have in-game screens and new info!

SUP3R3528d ago

I didn't even know it had a 50 Cent I :/

nimrod3527d ago

Why don't they just call it $1 ?

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skynidas3528d ago

I want to see the Socom article scans!!

decapitator3528d ago

It will probably get leaked anyway. You should check Gametrailers when the magazine launches.

TheHater3528d ago

that is all i want to see. :)
and WTF? 50 cent II?

cloud360-7th_account3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

ok .............

chadwardenn: wat am trying to say is that..... they all suck, i mean come on now... 50 cent. Some ps3 ffvii remake news i mean

Panthers3528d ago

Socom Remake is some of the biggest news of this gen. I am def going to buy this month EGM.

TriggerHappy3528d ago

Color me surprised...because I am.

Athlon3528d ago

Could this be an April Fools day joke with the 50 cent game? I mean ... why? That's a waste of resources.

skynidas3528d ago

Maybe is April Fools joke

decapitator3528d ago

Ah...yeah you make a good point but wasn't that the lego halo ?

sonarus3528d ago

lol 50 cent prob wanted another game and they believe they can make money off it. I will at least rent the game could buy if there is mp

Bnet3433528d ago

A waste? 50 Cent Bulletproof sold 2 million copies, hardly a waste, to them that is. Also 50 cent was good back in the day when he burst into the hip hop scene with songs like in da club, wanksta, and backdown. But yeah he sucks very bad now and I don't care about his stupid video games.

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The story is too old to be commented.