Final Chance Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Keys

Less than 1 hour from now at 4pm PST additional BFBC beta keys will be handed out from the sites listed below on a first come first serve basis.

Check the sites below at 4pm PST
Planet Battlefield -


Gamespy -

Voodoo Extreme -

Team Xbox -

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predator3921d ago

does anyone know what time that is GMT, i live in the UK

Boldy3921d ago

4p.m. PST translates to 12a.m. for the UK so basically in 45 min. from the time of this comment.

Boldy3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Whoops nevermind my mistake, for some reason the world clock on my cell phone didn't change for Daylight Saving Time so it was 50 min. ago, but I still don't see any codes.

Edit: OK, it looks like they are giving out codes now better sign up now, it's first come first serve basis.

predator3921d ago

well i just filled out my email and sent off so hopefully im in, howcome it doesnt got to the actual beta sign up place where it has the key allotment, ive been refreshing that for ages

predator3921d ago

still havent had email back and i submitted 30 mins ago

OoOLeafsOoO3921d ago

i already got of the perks of being an IGN Insider :D

Lord Vader3921d ago

alot of sites reported this today, but i know no one who actually got keys or posted...

i got mine last week but was hoping some of my friends could get in & they couldn't find any public keys today on multiple sites...


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