100 Reasons Fanboys Hate Xbox

Microsoft was already a widely reviled company before it set its sights on the videogame hardware market. Though the Xbox brand has been successful at taking the fight to Sony's PlayStation products, a seemingly bottomless supply of anti-Microsoft sentiment still exists in the gaming community.

Games Radar have rounded up the one hundred most common reasons why fanboys hate Xbox, and condensed them down to a blistering two minutes of pure, unfettered videographic rage. What's that, you say? You love your 360? Don't worry: it's going to be a long, hate-filled week.

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JsonHenry3916d ago

Lol, I think that is funny about all the ones complaining about voice chat and friend requests. Because those are the things lacking in other online services everyone cries for.

The rest was right on though.

Jack Meahoffer3916d ago

Dur good stuff dur...

Hate all you want. Maybe, maybe by Christmas the PS3 will have copied the basic features the 360 has had since it launched. For a future proof console it sure can't handle basic online functionality like universial in game chat. If it could handle it then it would be out already...

Future proof lol thats a joke

360sucks3916d ago

this is what i want 2 see
good sh!t here

sonarus3916d ago

lol @jack. You are funny but personally i would rather just manage chatting with the ppl i am currently playing with than to live in constant fear of rrod. The fan noise is also terribly annoying.

PS3 online may be lacking but it is far from prehistoric like most ps3 haters want to believe. Soon enough it will get its patch that will implement this features that should have been there since launch but at least they are there now.

rosebowl233916d ago

This video is spot on. There's tons of other bad things about the 360 missing though.

Bleucrunch3915d ago

Seriously all these types of post do is promote flame wars and it needs to stop.....We all have our preferences but this will only lead to a lot of uneducated bable. I dont know maybe I dont know what I am talkin about.

Harry1903915d ago

have been on badjoystick

Sanhlami3915d ago

Next time I see a Xbox 360 fanboy bragging or bagging I'm going to send this video to them. No words are even needed to say now just a video explaining all I need to say. NICE WORK!

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Mighty Boom3916d ago

an emotional attachment was made that started with PS1. If they just knew it was unrequited love.

3916d ago
RecSpec3916d ago

So I guess the people that use video games to help with the loss of a loved one are losers?

TheExecutive3916d ago

I think we can all agree that video games serve some form of escapism. Its the amplitude of escapism that can cause problems. However, even video games can provide some very good therapy now and again.

Nameless3916d ago

I guess by the end of this week we can expect an 100 Reasons Fanboys Hate The PS3 video

PeeboDaKilla3916d ago

haha, nah it wouldn't be approved :P

Bonsai12143916d ago

peebo, sad thing is thats probably true... now is it lame.. its a feature article from a respected gaming site

le killer3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

100 reason to hat sony would'nt get approved on here! too many sony fanboys have approval rights!! i love the term future proof when used in conjunction with the ps3. do the sony fanboys really think that sony will not release another console shortly after microsofts next offering in 2010?? coz if they don't, and they stick with their "console to last 10 years" then it will be over! apart from the hardest hardcore of fanboys, the rest will move on to nintendo or microsoft!

future proof lol suckers! especially the early adopters who paid through the nose! for slightly more, i got a wii and a 360... i will get a ps3 at the end of the year when it's cheap, and resistance2 is out.

xhairs3915d ago're saying xbox will put out a new console in 2010 but yet you want to buy a ps3 in 2009? Why would you do such a thing if you yourself didn't feel it was the least bit future proof? PS3 has been out a year and it's still got HUGE loads of potential, the xbox hit it's peak in 3 years. Give me a break...

le killer3915d ago

what sh!t! plus, it's not been out 3 years. anyway, how long have you been gaming?? not long i take it! because you would know that no console has hit it's peak in that time span! the longer developers have with it, the more they will get out of it! just look at what's happening with the ps3 now...

i want a blu-ray player, and i want resistance2. and i'm interested in seeing how killzone 2 will turn out! seeing how sony have been putting some games on dedicated servers, i'm hoping that they will put it out with 24players on dedicated servers! if not, i get 60 on resistance2, and a blu-ray player. lovely

Cicinho3915d ago

Sony never said anything about not bringing out a PS4 shortly after the Xbox but when they say the PS3 is built to last 10 years then that means there not going to stop making games for it when the new one comes out, like Microsoft tend to do.

The PS2 has lasted 8 years now I dont see any reason for the PS3 not to last 10 years, weather the PS4 is out or not.

le killer3915d ago

when sony said the ps3 would last for ten years, i'm sure they did'nt just mean they would support it for that long! besides, after having a good five years from a console, when i upgrade to the the next offering, i would rather the console maker throw all their resources behind their new machine! not continue with the last machine. why bother with all the r&d, and exspense of it, if they're not gonna be behind 100%. i don't want a half arsed effort! if third party developers want to continue to make games then so be it! but imo when a new console comes out, who-ever makes it, should then focus everything on it!

once the spanking new console is sitting under my hdtv, i won't to know that this is their prime focus, not the console that was before it!

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vloeistof3916d ago

oke well that was funny