California teacher drops 75 pounds en route to setting dance video game records

Carrie Swidecki tells her backstory on the eve on her latest Guinness World Records attempts

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ltachiUchiha1719d ago

Good on her, she looks really in good shape now. Good to see games also can help with these kind of things.

Belking1719d ago

Weight loss s better with

boybato1719d ago

Not until you get spamed by fast food adds. Hehe

ninjagoat1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Dance fast Eat fast.

with a BIGMAC


Brought to you by Kinect.

Because we read your Emotions ;).

That shit should be on a billboard :D.

Belking1719d ago

"Not until you get spamed by fast food adds"

At least they know how to advertise....Hehe

MikeyDucati11719d ago

The "shake it like a saltshaker" workout plan. That's what cardio does for you.

Arietos1719d ago

No pain, no gain? With every passing year you will loose 1% of strenght and muscles. She can Dance from today till tomorrow, the reaper will Dance on her bones...


Damn I must have been one strong baby