Remember Me: Quantic Dream involved in development

It looks like Quantic Dream were not just busy with Beyond: Two Souls.

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jc485731751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

so wait a minute, what exactly did they do? If that were true, this would be Quantic Dream's first multiplatform project for this generation or maybe they were partially responsible for porting the game to the PS3?

ZodTheRipper1751d ago

Probably just small things like giving access to their mo-cap studio or data or giving tips about interactive storytelling.

Sevir1751d ago

Given that Dontnod was in a partnership with Sony before going with capcom, they likely consulted with the studio due to then having success with Sony. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Picking up the game today to check it out.

minimur121751d ago

shoot me a pm when you've finished, I want to know what it's like

wastedcells1751d ago

It's defiantly better then the reviews say it is. Solid 8 so far.

MidnytRain1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

They must have wanted to keep their name out of the project...

KwietStorm1751d ago

Well that's very interesting. Some little things do seem like a futuristic indigo prophecy. I'll see later today.

-Gespenst-1751d ago

That could explain the super-naff sci-fi style of this game.

majiebeast1751d ago

Im betting on the mocap stuff. Its possible they were involved. Cause remember me started out as a PS3 exclusive published by SCE, but they didnt like where the project was going so they canceled it and let these guys search for a new publisher. So its more then possible that it included Quantic Dreams assets.

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