Warhawk Needs Training Wheels!

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"n case you didn't know, I got a PS3 over the weekend. Yay for me… Anyway, the first game I played was Warhawk, as there was no other game I anticipated playing more. It's great fun and I know it's an online game, but it seriously needs a tutorial.

I mean come on people…

Being thrusted into combat without the slightest idea how to fly, or drive the vehicles puts you at a severe disadvantage against even the most novice of players. I know you can read the manual, but that gets annoying when you are trying to fight the enemy. Who does that?"

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eagle213916d ago

I remember my first time playing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be for my noob butt. I have the Blu-ray Disc Version that has a manual. It sure helped. :)

sonarus3916d ago

i started off the beta hosted my own games and played split screen with friends. Its the best way to get a hang of the game. I never rush online with a new game i like to get the hang of it. Usually don't touch online till i thoroughly tackle the sp campaign

Lord Anubis3916d ago

you beta tested the game as well?

I beta test the game and i got the controls fairly fast, however, i know of a few people that hated warhawk because they couldn't get the game.

gamesR4fun3916d ago

at least till you get the basics

dont take long till you know enough to takle the lvl1 servers. 300 + hours in myself and still improving despite the fact all the controls are simple enough. Just so much you can do and serious warhawk skills take a lot of work.

yesah3916d ago

its even worse if you download it.

sonarus3916d ago

yea i was lucky enough to get in the beta. Couldn't play for two weeks though cus i was out of the country:( But once i got in i only played on my owv server and played with friends most of the time. Got the hang of it quick but too

Merovee3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

There were only 4 people I really worried about during beta.
In order of the trouble they were.....
and Click (simply because he was always on...... seriously)

Man I miss the unrestricted pistol fire rate, It was nice taking out 5 people with machine guns with just a pistol and a fast finger lol :)

CrazedFiend3916d ago

Yeah, Warhawk was a BIG waste of money for me. I played it maybe twice. The only reason it's still on my PS3 is because I payed for it.

I felt like an elementary schooler being thrown into a Superbowl game. I couldn't even get a hang for the controls cause I would get killed before I could figure anything out.

That's why I like to play my games offline until I get the hang of things and feel ready to jump online, which face it, is MUCH more difficult.

They NEED some kind of offline training option, even if it's supposed to be an online experience.

rushbd3916d ago

I had a good internet connection at that time. It was very easy to get in for me tbh.

tbh that sarcastic gamer sounds n00bish to me.

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yocdub3916d ago

Really, you are now starting to play Warhawk and your complaining that you got your ass handed to you. Thats what you get for waiting this long to jump the way we all start out as Noobs at first then through sheer game playing do you gain the knowledge and skill to play. Quit you crying you up and don't be a chicken (poop) and not ask a few of your teammates a few questions or even tag along with someone more skillful and pick up a trick or 2.

crunchie1013916d ago

Yeah, but this isn't like Halo, where the campaign trains you up somewhat and gets you used to the gameplay mechanics. Even playing counter-strike is similar to Half-life.

But Warhawk is an entirely new game with new controls, so I think Dave is entirely justified in writing this article.

TheHater3916d ago

so he have a problem with they game, so did other people. But i don't see them going a writing a article about it. Most downloadable games don't come with a manual, but yet people don't complain.

CrazedFiend3916d ago

Most other games have an option to play offline.

the greatest3916d ago

1.just make your own room
2.lock the room with a password
3.learn how 2 fly and use the all the weapons
thats it

CaliGamer3916d ago

We all suck at one point, but if your smart and do the things you suggested then you should be fine.
This guy just sounds like a b1tch, he seriously needs to suck it up.

By the way, can't wait for the new updates and broken mirror.

TheHater3916d ago

that is what I did when I was in the beta. It look me like 5 minutes to get the controls down.

MetalProxy3916d ago

That was to easy for that guy to figure it out,lol. Plus there are pop up windows that tell you WTF to do and how to do it. You have to shut it off to make it not help you, lol. Oh man I couldnt stop laughing when I seen his post.

Rama262853916d ago

What I did to get used to the basics was just do an offline game with the wife (thanks hun for being such a good sport!) lol.

Do people forget you can do 4 player split screen offline? Even if you don't have another person, but have two controllers, just set it up and get your basics down and get comfortable before confronting the big bad world of online :)

CrazedFiend3916d ago


(runs back to play warhawk)

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d3l33t3916d ago

Games aren't hard enough; they are too hard; make up your mind!

AlterEgo3916d ago

i felt like the only dude who was getting constantly pwned in Warhawk.

Totally turned me off when I bought it.

I actually put it down never to play again...

then 2-3 days later, i'm like "hey...i paid $40 for this damn thing"

turned it back on...and its been pure PWNAGE ever since. (this time with ME doing the pwning of course =) )

PSN: CarolCity

come get some

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