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PES 2014 skipping PS4, Xbox One, Vita and 3DS

PES 2014 was announced just minutes ago but the publisher’s European PES community manager Adam Bhatti has already taken to Twitter to confirm that the game will definitely be Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP only this year.
“[We’re] not in the business for high-res next-gen ports. We can't and shouldn't do that. Bad habit etc,” he stated. “So the fact we're not on PS4/Xbone with PES 2014 is simple. We can't and shouldn't be just using higher quality textures etc should be new. (PC, PES 2014, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

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yugovega  +   783d ago
no word on a wii u edition but if they were smart and wanted to build a following now is their time to hit the wii u. ea skipping it, they would have no competition.
sknygy  +   783d ago
Common sense! My bet is, they don't cash in
yugovega  +   783d ago
sadly you are probably right
sknygy  +   783d ago
...and yet I got a disagree! PMSL @ N4G
ZodTheRipper  +   783d ago
Funny, I would have bought it for PS4 but I'm not planning on buying it for PS3 since my brother will get my PS3 once the PS4 is out.
It's sad but they have good reasons so I can't blame them.
mcstorm  +   783d ago
I hope so to as I wanted to get a football game on my Wiiu and with fifa not being on it was going to give pes a go.
DeadlyFire  +   783d ago
likely they will wait until next year for WiiU, PS4, Xbone versions.
Arai  +   783d ago
Such a shame, high-res can sometimes deliver a better/immersive experience IMO.

Truth be told I was hoping to be playing it on next-gen consoles, more so than the current ones.
aiBreeze  +   783d ago
Clearly you wasn't around for the first three pes releases on the 360. This is a GOOD thing that they're not releasing next gen ports, trust me on that.
Salooh  +   783d ago
Where the hell is the revelation ?!! Another victim of the greed. Waste years to release it on current generation while they have the kit to developer for the next generation. Annoying like hell !!
3-4-5  +   783d ago
Not really. Fifa 06 & 07 for original Xbox are arguably my favorite Fifa games ever.

They released Fifa 07 also for the Xbox 360 that year and it was probably the worst soccer game I've ever played.

it had better graphics by far....but the gameplay was crap.

Gameplay always wins and when 2 games have similar good gameplay, the tie breaker is usually the Better graphics.
Koyes  +   783d ago
PES already giving up? Sure looks like it
PANTHER1030  +   783d ago
Sure, what's happening with Konami? Not next gen or Vita versions. I dont wanna to buy many games for this gen at exception of Last of Us, GT6, Beyond and maybe The last Guardian. Maybe for PS4 I could buy FIFA 14, because PES is only for this old gen, disapointing the Konami's policy :(
Koyes  +   783d ago
Disagree all you like but it seems to be the case.
ZodTheRipper  +   783d ago
They clearly said that they don't have the budget to develop for so many consoles simultaneously. I had hoped for a next-gen release since I can't play FIFA anymore after I got used to PES but their reasons are understandable.
3-4-5  +   783d ago
They are doing what EA should.

They are working on Next Gen PES games...for PES 2015

They are taking a year break to develop something worth playing on next gen and trying not to make the mistake Fifa 07 made.
ceballos77mx  +   783d ago
PSP? They still do games for it?.
GameCents  +   783d ago
What's a psp?
PANTHER1030  +   783d ago
It a portable device more powerful than 3DS and that sold 100 millions of units.
PANTHER1030  +   783d ago
Oh boy. No PS4 or Vita version :(
FIFA 14 then.
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RedHawkX  +   783d ago
yeah they pretty much giving up ground to EA with this move.
--Onilink--  +   783d ago
no wonder those screenshots looked so current gen... well, its a weird decision, but we'll see how it turns out
PANTHER1030  +   783d ago
What's happening with Konami? Not next gen or Vita versions. I dont wanna to buy many games for this gen at exception of Last of Us, GT6, Beyond and maybe The last Guardian. Maybe for PS4 I could buy FIFA 14, because PES is only for this old gen, disapointing the Konami's policy :(
yugovega  +   783d ago
i'm so shocked "gamers" give up on current ge so fast. "it looks bad in regular hd" n4g "gamer"

Dno  +   783d ago
true but with next gen I wont have to choose. ill have both

Gameplay & Graphics>>>>>ga meplay
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3-4-5  +   783d ago
It's like a lot of gamers are really just glorified movie watchers who occasionally like to control the movie's character.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   783d ago
fifa 14 >> pes 14 then.
ZodTheRipper  +   783d ago
Only in sales. FIFA isn't what it used to be, 2009 was the last FIFA I enjoyed. And since PES is now running on the Fox Engine it could go either way gameplay-wise this year.
TRU3_GAM3R  +   783d ago
fifa 14 on nextgen console will look/play better than pes which is current generation.
ZodTheRipper  +   783d ago
How do you know? You didn't see anything from FIFA or PES yet ...
THamm  +   783d ago
Fox Engine NOT Wii U compatable
dragonyght  +   783d ago
Damn shame, they making the same mistake They Gen this Gen give EA a head start again that's why they never getting the crown back
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ssj27  +   783d ago
I was counting with PES14 on the PS4..
I was not going to think they are lazy.. I will accepted that it was just their first next gen..

But o well the PS3 version already sounds amazing. And this meant PS15 will be a huge leap instead of a cheap higher quality res.. to cash in.


But I will not mind PS14 on the PS4 been just a updated version with better res and fps. O well...
Tolten96  +   783d ago
topgeareasy  +   783d ago
same thing happened last/this gen
cell989  +   783d ago
Shame, I would have so bought it for PS4
Kyanu  +   783d ago
I'm wondering if this has an effect on MGSV, as it uses the same engine. Has Kojima announced a release for the next-gen consoles yet?
Wh15ky  +   783d ago
Well it took them 6 years to get it right this gen, they might take their time next gen and get it right from the start.

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