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FUSE may have sold less than Farming Simulator in the UK

FUSE has bombed in the UK, taking spot 37 in the charts. (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

ltachiUchiha  +   788d ago
There was just too many good games to compete with this year. I really think they should have delayed it & gave the game some more polish but this is what happens when u work with EA, you have a set schedule & time is an issue.
zeal0us  +   787d ago
Sadly you can't blame EA for this one. People were saying the game look generic and bland for months now.
ltachiUchiha  +   787d ago
Yeah i think insomniac hurt themselves trying to reach out to the masses. I would like to see them make a new platform game or a new fps. Resistance fall of man was an awesome game & so are the rachet & clank games.
linkenski  +   787d ago
Did Insomniac sign with EA before producing this game, or how is it? If they signed with EA before getting too long into development EA could have told them they wouldn't publish a game if they weren't sure it kept traditional elements that the mass-audience would want.
Army_of_Darkness  +   787d ago
They should have just stuck with Sony.
Coolmanrico  +   787d ago
The game is pretty average, you can see the twists a mile away, and I didn't like how it ended. Only two of the four characters are integrated into the story, the other two is black comic relief and the smart girl who hacks stuff during cut scenes (During game play everyone can hack anything.) The game will only leave you wanting more, but not in the good way.
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