Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Golden PS1, DRM on Vita and Microsoft will ‘kill’ Sony

Man, some interesting stuff happened this week, there’s even a few game announcements you might like!

Right, its back to normal with the weekly now with being as there were no DVR’s announced this week (to my knowledge). So to quickly sum it up, we’ve got Mirrors Edge 2, Rayman Legends… again, and has David Hayter really got his voice back?

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ltachiUchiha1651d ago

Dont forget The Last of Us 2 perfect scores & finally the multiplayer has been shown, well one of the modes atleast.

garos821651d ago

and this is only the beginning. the next couple of weeks and probably the whole month is gonna be a shit storm of craziness in the gaming world

MajorLazer1650d ago

Next week is going to be HOT! E3!!

minimur121650d ago

yeah, and my weekly roundup will be so much longer!!