Project C.A.R.S: How close to the real thing it is

MWEB Gamezone writer Zubayr bhyat stumbled on upon a video uploaded by a Project C.A.R.S community member comparing an actual lap in a Caterham 7 race car on track with the game. The results are staggering.

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Muffins12231750d ago

God this is gonna kill me 680

DesVader1750d ago

LOL! You're probably right about that :)

plut0nash1750d ago

My biggest concern is how well it'd run on my 360 but I'm sure they're taking care of that. So far the demos on the facebook page are looking quite amazing.

aliengmr1750d ago

It shouldn't. I haven't heard about any major performance issues.

680 should be be fine.

HanCilliers1750d ago

Looking really impressive

DesVader1750d ago

I am honestly startled by how close the game is to the real life experience. Amazing stuff! Good find this, plut0nash. I think the petrol heads are going to get really excited about this project.

plut0nash1750d ago

Hopefully it gets more exposure. I think there is just so much damn potential for it.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1750d ago

Finally a Realistic Sim racer for Nintendo!

I don't play them, more of a Kart-man myself (no "C"), but I am happy for the WiiU players who do.

I'm not an authority, but that's my opinion.

plut0nash1750d ago

That's a good thing with the limited selection of games on the Wii U. I'd like to know how it'll be controlled.

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