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Submitted by Valay 980d ago | video

Rayman Legends Wii U/PS3 comparison

Take a look at a comparison of Rayman Legends on the Wii U and PlayStation 3. (PS3, Rayman Legends, Wii U)

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porkChop  +   980d ago
They look pretty similar. Some parts look better on PS3 while others look better on the Wii U. But for the most part they're the same.

Love the Eye of The Tiger cover in the background lol.
GameCents  +   980d ago
Music on Origins is the reason I still keep my copy around. I absolutely love the soundtrack on the water levels.

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Triforce079  +   979d ago
The demo and app on wiiu looks much better than this video i mean lots better this comparison is just not showing the real difference.
cervantes99  +   980d ago
One has trophies and one does not. I prefer trophies so PS3 for me.
kB0  +   979d ago
This in particular is a big disadvantage for the really decreases replay ability in games IMO. Although a lot of the Wii.U games like Mario really don't even need Trophies to be repayable...they are just really that fun!
Triforce079  +   977d ago
One has superior graphics and content not to mention it streams on 2 screens ? hmmm
herbs  +   980d ago
If you truly believe one version looks superior to the other it's because your wearing fanboy googles which happen to be your eyes connected to your fanboy brain so your a fanboy... FANBOY!
herbs  +   979d ago
Thanks for the disagrees Fantards your petty arguments over a .1% display difference that could be adjusted to look completely identical with your television settings are pathetic and amusing.
HammadTheBeast  +   979d ago
The main thing that's interesting is that its the same although Nintendo fa-... idealogists have been telling us for months that its much more powerful than current gen consoles.
abzdine  +   980d ago
PS3 looks definitely more shiny when we put them next to each other, but i wouldnt notice if i only own a Wii U. The game will look good on it anyways
ps3 has better color.
aceitman  +   979d ago
1st the ps3 is a little brighter and if u think sometimes it looks better on wii u look at the bottom at the last minute of the video it switches sides ps3 went from the left side to the right, and 2 ps3 is a 7 year old console with 256 ram compared to a 7 month 1 gig console the wii u should be way better but it's not.
ILive  +   980d ago
It actually looks better on the ps3.
PopRocks359  +   980d ago
Please, do elaborate.
TongkatAli  +   980d ago
Look at the sun when it comes to the PS3 version, PS3 version looks more vibrant and colorful.
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ziratul  +   980d ago
@Tong just adjust Color settings on your TV
Qrphe  +   980d ago

As far as colors yes and probably because the Wii U is locked to limited range RGB. They pretty much look the same regardless.
Homegamer  +   980d ago
Yes elaborate they look pretty much the same... Unless I'm missing something
InMyOpinion  +   980d ago
It looks the same on both.
bullymangLer  +   980d ago
Eyeco  +   980d ago
who cares ,are we really comparing graphics on a 2D sidescroller ?
Prime_28  +   979d ago

Legends runs at native 1080p 60fps on Wii U.

Legends only runs at native 720p 60fps on PS3/360.

Nice try though. It was cute.
grassyknoll  +   979d ago
Origins ran at 1080p & 60fps on the PS3/Xbox 360. So pathetic.
HammadTheBeast  +   979d ago
So.... after all these years a measly higher resolution is all it can pull off?
TongkatAli  +   980d ago
Wow! the Ps3 version looks better, just saying, don't get mad.
PopRocks359  +   980d ago
It really isn't. They look about the same to me. The PS3 colors look a tad brighter, but graphically speaking the quality is pretty much the same.
ChickeyCantor  +   980d ago
In some textures the PS3 actually look washed out. If you look at the trophies at the end it's easier to spot.

Also isn't the WiiU running at a higher resolution? The glow shader also look much brighter at the end ( the circle around the characters ).

The games don't look that different but there are differences here and there.

To me the WiiU version looks a lot more vibrant. There is a lightsource on the left side of the screen though(PS3). So the comparison kinda falls short. but I can clearly see that textures on the WiiU have more vibrant colors
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HammadTheBeast  +   979d ago
Poprocks, I'm going to agree with you, it looks pretty much the same, the beginning is better on PS3, the middle better on Wii U, and the end is exactly alike.
Quetzll  +   980d ago
Look closer. It's a scrolling level with what looks like some sort of heat wave or toxic haze chasing Rayman, creating a fading-from-the-left light source. Since the comparison is one frame cut in half for PS3/WiiU, there's going to be a difference in brightness, no matter which is on the left side. But there's definitely no loss or shortness of detail on either version.

a good port.
ILive  +   979d ago
Dude, watch it again. Even when the wii u was on the left it still looked dull.
Triforce079  +   979d ago
Wiiu version is not in full swing here the wiiu supports 1080p 60fps and the app looks better graphically by far the wiiu has lighting to a whole new level play both at home and u will see a big difference this video is poor.
Prime_28  +   979d ago
That was hilarious.
latincooker214  +   980d ago
it looks the same to me. PS4 FTW:)
diepdiep  +   980d ago
Both look the same. Best thing to do is to play the game on whichever system you're most comfortable with.
TongkatAli  +   980d ago
Wii U can perform a lot better graphics then this though, Ubisoft didn't use any of the Wii U strengths.

Not impressed with the Wii U version after looking at the PS3 version, I want that shit to blind me its a fing sun!

It could look different in person, you know they make these comparison videos to stir shit up, lol.
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diepdiep  +   980d ago
This game's art direction is suppose to look stylized, not realistic.

Also, how do you know if they didn't adjust the video settings to make one of them look brighter?
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LonDonE  +   980d ago
NO, its because wii-u can only run in RGB range limited, while PS3 is full range RGB, that is most likely why the colors look more rich on the PS3 version, i am not a fan boy that is just FACTS! i will never understand why Nintendo made the wii u RGB limited, i hope a patch at some point will let us pick which one we want, but maybe its because you only really need RGB full on a pc monitor, while most HDTV are only RGB limited, but still, even on my PS3 i play it with RGB range full on my SONY BRAVIA HDTV, and i love how it looks, i hate limited, and it took some getting used to when i first bought my wii-u, either way the touch control exclusive wii-u game play wont be on PS3, and so a big part of the game will be missing so i will be buying it on wii-u!
yugovega  +   979d ago
anyone that has played the wiiu challenge app or demowill tell you this video doesn't do it justice. that isn't the game the way i've played it. it looks much better on my tv the what this shows.
MasterCornholio  +   980d ago
I can't tell this from my phone but I think the Wii U version will be 1080p 60fps which would make it the superior version of this game.

Motorola RAZR i
Heisenburger  +   980d ago
Yes.... Every single mofo on here knows you are using your phone.

;) lol jp

I use only the mobile site as well.

Sony eric somethingorothermajig IVB
torchic  +   980d ago
the mobile site is better than the original tbvh
Picture_Dancer  +   980d ago
Rayman Origins run on PS3 at 60fps and 1080p. 100% origins on PS3 will also run at 1080p 60fps
Sharius  +   980d ago
i think the PS3 look more brighter and colorful than WiiU
Prime_28  +   979d ago
McScroggz  +   980d ago
The Wii U version may look better in person than the PS3, but in this video the PS3 version looks a little more crisp and more vibrant. But really, who cares? A 1% difference isn't going to sway customers the way the difference between Skyrim on the 360 and Skyrim on the PS3 did.
LOL_WUT  +   980d ago
The PS3 version looks better and to be honest i'm not surprised. ;)
jcnba28  +   979d ago
Of course you do ;)
PopRocks359  +   979d ago

He's a flip-flopping troll. Ignore him, or at least bubble him down.
Gaming4Ever  +   979d ago
Haha I see this guy post on so many topics with his signature ;). How sad.
Williamson  +   980d ago
Didn't notice a difference but I'll be picking this up on the vita, since IMO origins on the vita was the superior version.
thaimasker  +   980d ago
The difference you'll notice while playing is that the Wii U's version runs at 1080p at 60 FPS while PS3's is only 720p at 30 fps
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DarkHeroZX  +   980d ago
if the ps3 can do 1080p and 60 fps with GOW3 and GT5/6 than this game is a cake walk.
SonyNGP  +   980d ago
>GOW3 at 1080p/60fps

Excuse me while I laugh hard at that claim.
deafdani  +   979d ago
God of War 3 was 720p.

Didn't stop it from being the very best looking PS3 game, though (in my opinion, although I haven't played / seen Ascension yet).
Neonridr  +   979d ago
how come Trine 2 couldn't run at 1080p and 60fps on the PS3 then?
Picture_Dancer  +   980d ago
Hmm since Rayman Origins run on PS3 at 60fps and 1080p, I think it is obvious that Legends also will be 1080p and 60fps
PirateThom  +   979d ago
Yeah, it's a 2D game. It's not taxing, PS3 and 360 already ran Origins at 1080p/60fps.
mii-gamer  +   980d ago
ps3 version is a tad brighter, but that doesn't necessarily mean it looks better. Both are similar, not enough to earn bragging rights
RTheRebel  +   980d ago
FAnboys still doing side by side comparison videos on YOUTUBE
R3DRAIN89  +   980d ago
The bluray disc helps the ps3 as well to look clearer.
Neonridr  +   979d ago
The Wii U optical drive is based off of bluray technology as well. You think Ubisoft filled up an extra 25GB worth of graphics to make the PS3 look clearer? lol
yewles1  +   980d ago
Eye of the Tiger in Mariachi = MUST BUY!!!!
Qrphe  +   980d ago
Truly awesome!
Kran  +   980d ago
I'm sorry but did anybody else smile throughout the entire video over how amazing and fun that looked?

I almost shed a tear ;P
Dannycr  +   980d ago
Origins is the most original platformer released this generation. It tanks pretty much all the classics in art style, music, originality, etc. Maybe just Super Mario 3D Land is as good as Rayman Origins, but all the other 2D platformers just bow down to Origins.
deafdani  +   979d ago
Hi, Incubus! :D

Just a matter of opinion, I guess. I've played Origins, and yes, it's a damn good platforming game, but not the best to my taste (although pretty close).

Nah, for me both Super Meat Boy and New Super Mario Bros. U are better platformers than Rayman Origins, because they had more precise controls and tight gameplay. Rayman Origins absolutely shines on level design and artistic merit, but the game physics, while good, are not on par with that of Mario platformers, nor Meat Boy.

That being said, Legends is looking damn sweet. The Challenges App for the Wii U is a ton of fun, so I'm pretty psyched for that game. Then again, I'm a sucker for platforming games. :P
SonyNGP  +   980d ago
The reason why the Wii U version doesn't look as vibrant as the PS3 version is because of its limited range RGB output (remember when people claimed LoT never used full range before when they compared 360/PS3 games?).

I have no idea why Nintendo never added full range RGB support, and. I really hope they fix that with their "summer update", alongside having the option to output audio from composite/component cables.

Anyway. Besides the RGB range difference, they both look identical.
windblowsagain  +   979d ago
Looks the same, and it should.

It's a side scroller, a pretty one I grant you. But a sidescroller none the less.
Klad  +   979d ago
What the heck??? they both look the same!!
Klad  +   979d ago
Not a very good comparison, as it only shows the right hand side of the Wii U version & the left hand side of the PS3 version. it would be better so show full screen of both & i bet money that they will look identical!!
Neonridr  +   979d ago
actually half way through the video they switch and then the Wii U version is on the left and the PS3 version on the right. Regardless, I will wait for a digital foundry analysis, not a side by side low quality youtube video.
rytlok  +   979d ago
wii u version looks way better...definitly wiiu version day 1 cant wait
MNGamer-N  +   979d ago
They look the same. The Gamepad functionality is what will make the WiiU version better.
just-joe  +   979d ago
Who care which looks better, that level looks fun.
mudmax  +   979d ago
Thought the background colors look more washed out on the ps3, but that's the only difference I noticed.
deafdani  +   979d ago
The colors are more saturated on the PS3 version, and that's pretty much the only difference between both of them. Furthermore, it's only noticeable because they're compared side by side, anyone playing on the Wii U, or on the PS3 solely won't see a damn difference at all. Both versions are exactly the same thing graphically minus the saturation levels.

It's such a non-issue that the guys in here arguing over which version looks better need to find something else to do. Seriously guys, this is ridiculous.
o-Sunny-o  +   979d ago
Vita looks better then both. O.O Take COVER >.< jk
josephayal  +   979d ago
olee PS3 version looks %3 betta
KontryBoy706  +   979d ago
I'm not saying one looked marginally better than the other BUT... anyone can see the PS3 had superior color. You don't have to clean your fanboy eyes out to see that.
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