Nintendo at E3 – a look back – E3 2004

In the end, though, Nintendo’s E3 2004 appearance will always be remembered for the Zelda and DS announcements.

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RTheRebel1842d ago

BEST NINtendo E3 IMO =)

Kevlar0091842d ago

Back when Reggie took no prisoners

GamersHeaven1842d ago

Trailer for Zelda was purely epic one of my favorite Nintendo E3 moments.Hoping they come out strong this year they need to make some noise again :D

Kevlar0091842d ago

Skyward Sword lacked the wham-pow showing Twlight had.

Nintendo needs to hype their core games, really show their worth

GamersHeaven1842d ago

Skyward Sword was more of the same i want them to rebuild the series it really needs a revision.Core games i am not to worried about certain they will have plenty just hoping most of them are released this year.

JackVagina1841d ago

Wind Waker > Twilight Princess #dealwithit #butthurtfanboysovergraphics

mp12891842d ago

and everyone made fun of me for getting the gamecube, not a bad choice though

Studio-YaMi1841d ago

The Gamecube had some great games made for it,I never regret buying one ! :D

Hope Nintendo bring back those days of the N64 & the Gamecube and leaves the big chunck of the Wii success by catering to the casual market at their backs.

Can't wait to play some Wii U exclusives coming this year,my Wii U is barely touched after finishing Super Mario Bro U & MH3 Ultimate(which I still play from time to time). -_-