Battle Royale: Video Games vs. Girlfriends

Since the first video game was released, gamers have faced task of balancing the happiness of their girlfriends and gaming. Girlfriends have been fighting video games for years to get the attention of their boyfriends. The question that must be asked is "What is more important to gamers?" After years of vigorous research, the social scientists at The Exploding Barrel have compiled the definitive list of the pros and cons of each and declared a winner. Cast your vote in our "Video Games vs. Girlfriends" poll.

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General Pinky3917d ago

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Change the pick. I don't care about the kids. It's just a fu**ken tease.
Reported by: Anything but Cute
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yeah gotta change that pic. That's been my desktop background for weeks.
Reported by: TheWickedOne
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pic... I aint gay but kids come on this site too ya know.
Reported by: TriggerHappy

is it to much for you..dammmmmmmmm

but back to topic

its ture they want more time when you need to finish of the game... Who will win
i will let the chicks on this website answer that quection

The Closing3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

I fail to see the problem.. I could use more pics of this chick. Much moar please.

Thats what I call bubbles for links. ; )

DragonKnight3917d ago

On THIS site? ROFLMAO!!!!!

JsonHenry3917d ago

I am married, and let me tell you this - if the woman you are dating complains about your video game addiction, tell her it is either this or the sports bar every day after work and then Golf all weekend long.

Take your pick skank!

j/k! But seriously, just find a low upkeep woman and it will all be good. Never get serious with a woman that does not have at least one hobby of her own. If you do, then be prepared for YOU to be her hobby. Which sucks harder than Madonna back in the "Like a Virgin" days.

gameraxis3917d ago


Darkfiber3917d ago

Or just get a good girlfriend who will play games with you and suck your d*ck when you're playing alone.

mintaro3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )


a video game cant do that now can it? unless........

General Pinky3917d ago

not a good idea but in 10 years will come true

RecSpec3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

At least my PS3 won't cheat on me with my best friend and take all my money...well it won't cheat on me anyways.

Don't get me mixed up, wives and girlfriends are not the same thing.

Skerj3917d ago

Significant others always win over pretty much anything (finances to an extent and sick parents trump that), or your priorities need reshuffling.

IntelligentAj3917d ago

agreed. My wife gets mad sometimes while I play my games but mostly she's tolerant. If she wants my attention though she can have it, as she has bigger effect on my life than games do. Anyone who picks games should really take a look at themselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.