Nintendo scared of PSP emulation and piracy?

The lack of PSP software sales is apparently due to piracy figures for the console. Now while their might some truth in that statement I also believe it's due to lack of great quality titles. Strangely enough there are more PSP titles scoring over 80% on Gamespot reviews than DS titles. Just look at how the sales figures raised when God of War COA, Final Fantasy CC, Monter Hunter 2nd G and Patapon where released. This tells me that great quality titles equal good console sales (yeah pretty obvious).

Piracy however is something that has been plaguing the PSP for some time now although the same thing was present with the PS1 and PS2. Still today the PS2 however sells extremely well.

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Harry1903890d ago

i know has a psp,and all they do is pirate things.this can only help hardware sales in
overlooked regions of the world,where people don't have the means to afford good games

Marceles3890d ago

*pats R4DS*...I'm sure they're starting to get scared

Skerj3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

These "lack of quality titles" on PSP statements are as old as 2005. I don't know where people look for PSP games but I can tell you (as sure as I'm playing Disgaea on mine as I type this) that there are a plethora of good PSP games spanning pretty much every genre. It's not "strange" that there are many games rated over 80% because they're GOOD games.

Now on to the piracy, yeah it's rampant as hell but there are other factors that probably have a bigger impact on PSP software sales than pirates. Major would be price tags of games, at first PSP games cost 40-50 bucks brand new, now they range from 19.99 (Patapon, buy it if you have a PSP and haven't yet) to 39.99 still. That's a bit more palatable if the game is truly worth it as quite often the PSP takes over console time for me.

Another thing, Sony's PSP advertisement focus was all over the place for a while. They've gotten better lately with more direct game advertisements, I've seen Crisis Core and God of War commercials at least 2-3 times a day. If they keep on that path, software sales should pick up. People will know that they're getting console quality games on a handheld then.

name3890d ago

PSP software sells are because people don't wanna update their PSP because then they can't use their emulator to play super mario. -_-

dinkeldinkse3890d ago

That's what nintendo is scared of.

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The story is too old to be commented.