GTA V may be at E3, but PC Announcement Unlikely

GTA5Cheats looks at the recent GTA V/E3/PC version rumors and says why they think GTA V could be at E3, but why no PC version will be announced.

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ArchRider1597d ago

Agree re all these PC rumors. Stupid move considering they have been pimping pre-orders for Xbox 360 and PS3 recently. People would be pissed!

Pandamobile1597d ago

How would that affect PS3 and 360 gamers? It's not like they can't switch platforms if they want the PC version.

I'm really looking forward to GTA V, but I'm holding off for the eventual PC release.

Wuket1597d ago

R* have been spruiking preorders and collections editions for PS3 and Xbox360 and getting everyone to buy, and then they announce a PC version everyone wants. Regardless whether people can change, they will be PISSED. It doesnt make sense.

xPhearR3dx1597d ago


WHAT? Why on earth would anyone be pissed? I'm getting the CE for 360, but if they announced a PC version CE, I'd be happy as hell and switch over my pre-order. Only people who could possible be upset is R* for losing potential customers that want a PC version but won't wait and pick up the console version until then. Like me. The second the PC version is announced, I'm going to buy it again.

Rockstar has never steered me wrong, so I don't mind purchasing the same game twice from them. Especially if it's a PC version with mod support.

Wuket1597d ago

So you'd be happy with the way they'd gone about it? Announcing preorder bonuses and CE 2 weeks prior to E3 at which they announce PC? Why not just announce PC version before the preorder bonuses and CE and let everyone choose what they want from the outset? That's what I'm saying. PC version would be fantastic, but announcing it so soon after try to encourage everyone to preorder is wrong and a pain in the ass.

xPhearR3dx1597d ago


What you're saying has no logic behind it. It's not wrong in any way nor is it a pain in the ass. A PC version announcement isn't going to do anything to previous pre-orders unless, like I said, people switch it over. All CE are the same, so it's not like you have to choose between content, you choose the version you want.

You're seriously making a big deal over nothing. Absolutely nothing. I highly doubt they'll announce a PC version at E3, but still. What you're saying makes no sense and is plain dumb.

koh1597d ago

If they announce a PC version before the PS3/360 come out then people have time to switch preorders if they want (which is as easy as a phone call or a few clicks online). If they wait until shortly AFTER those versions come out I feel like that would make more people mad because they may end up having to buy it twice. No clue why Wuket thinks people would be mad about R* offering another version before September.

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porkChop1597d ago

GTA V won't be at E3 at all because Rockstar never attends E3, nor does Take Two ever show Rockstar's games at E3.

This all started because of a GTA V entry on the official E3 site, but one look at that site tells you it's not very credible.

They've listed games with missing platforms, or platforms that the games aren't being released on, and they've also listed games purely out of speculation such as The Last Guardian and GTA V.

ShabbaRanks1597d ago

Im hoping it comes to PS4, but I doubt ill be able to wait lol

koh1597d ago

Yep, this may end up behind one of the only reasons I don't sell my current gen hardware right before the new consoles come out.

ShabbaRanks1596d ago

I wont sell my ps3. By the time PS4 is out I might be still playing TheLastOfUs and GTAV for sure

andrey331595d ago

I think it's unlikley that GTA V will be launched on PC on the same date as the console versions. I doubt R* will hold out on a good piece of market share with such a big franchise. The only downside is that PC will have to wait a bit. And if it's gonna launch on the 17 of sept. well then, good!