Are Free-to-Play MMOs the Way of the Future?

When Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games were at their peak, subscription fees were all the rage. Games would gouge you out of $60 dollars to purchase the game then pry $5 to $15 dollars a month out of you just to play it. This business model hardly seemed fair, but you endured to play great games with your friends. However, the golden age of MMOs is almost over and many are floundering to stay above the water. With this came a different business model in which the games became free to play for everyone.

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iamlegend99991750d ago

Yup. Even sony and microsoft can see it. Free 2 play is the future.

ltachiUchiha1750d ago

Yup its smart, let the gamer play it & if the like it, they will spend money to play it with added feats & other levels u didnt have access to with f2p.

Insomnia_841750d ago

They will be a nice addition to our gaming habit. Not the way of the future though.

ceballos77mx1750d ago

I would have loved too see a mmo based on the warriors, create a character, join a gang, pvp would be battle for turf, and the more pve missions you do your gang would get stronger.