Machinima Movie 'Death Race 3' Shows How Much Fun Battlefield 3 Can Actually Be

Mr Kees de Koning has posted a new video, showcasing a death race recreated in Battlefield 3.

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tooCLOSE1749d ago

I would say you have too much time on your hands but that actually looks fun to play.

titletownrelo1749d ago

Battlefield has always been fun. Boats, jets, helis, ac-130s, 4 wheelers, tanks,motorbikes, and kick-ass graphics; all in one game.

T21749d ago

Ya from jihad jeeps to jet ramming, defib worms, flying boats, battlefield can be one crazy ride lol

bluetoto1748d ago

Weird, I thought people played fps's to shoot guns at one another.

1nsomniac1749d ago

Well that's 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back...


If you didn't like it then why you watched it to the end? with credits too??!

1nsomniac1749d ago

Your right, it was only technically about 3 minutes wasted.


That is a great job, i enjoyed the video.

hiredhelp1749d ago

Dam love these battlefield vids there way cool very funny.

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