Eurogamer: Namco Museum DS Review

Eurogamer writes: "Released on every platform know to man since about 1994 (man, that's retro in itself), the latest Namco Museum is another unapologetic slice of retro bundling which pulls together the usual suspects for yet another outing. Pac-Man, of course, is present and correct, as is Galaga, Galaxian, Mappy, and Xevious, along with some rather less stellar candidates: Dig Dug II, The Tower of Druaga. Two 'secret' games also form part of the package - Super Xevious and the rather pointless Dig Dug II - Old Version), which you can unlock by meeting certain conditions.

Why such obvious well-known titles as Rally-X/New Rally-X, Ms Pac-Man, Pole Position, the original Dig Dug, Pac-Land, Pacmania, Motos and Gaplus couldn't have been thrown in can only be down to a mean spirit rather than cartridge space considerations. One of the recent collections, Namco Museum: 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection, featured 16 titles, so expecting DS owners to be happy with half that seems a little stingy to say the least, but if money's no object, then hey, you'll at least be happy that these are largely perfect ports."

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