Halo 4's DLC Fails To Keep Gamers Playing, According To Research Data

Gaming Blend "New statistics have been released from Raptr, who maintains more than 17 million users and tracks data across a wide range of games. Their latest data showcases an eventful decline in the player-base for Halo 4, despite the release of timely DLC."

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LuditPRIME1539d ago

The maps are just not as compelling enough for me personally. compared to Halo 2 3 maps. not even close.

MooseWI1539d ago

Just the game in general. It kept me hooked for about a month but I couldn't keep it going..

Brasi19891539d ago

That's how I am with most FPS games, excluding TF2. Hooks me for a month or 2 then a drought.

Mr_Nuts1539d ago

I think it was all the extra crap they throwed in which put me off.

If it was more simple like Halo 2 which relied more on skill then it would of been ok.

Uncharted was like that, in the second one it was much more simple and more about skill. In the third one they added kickbacks, upgradable boosters, weapon mods, loadouts and it just knocked the entire game off balance.

NegativeCreepWA1539d ago

Because Bungie were the heart and soul of Halo, and they know how to make a great MP map.

I'm done with Halo, I'll just wait for .

UNGR1539d ago

30K people daily, doesn't even hold a candle to 2, 3, or Reach. That maps might suck completely, but it's the formula they used. A Call of Duty base is doomed to fail. You could easily call me a Halo fanboy back in the day. I played Halo 2, and 3 religiously, Reach was a bit of a drop, but I haven't touched 4 since November (minus DLC achievement boosting). It strays way too far from the formula that made Halo one of the best competitive FPS games made. It's safe to say it's not the maps fault, it's 343. They knew EXACTLY what we wanted, they under delivered, rushed the game, gave it a Call of Duty base, pushed graphics and lowered the frames per second, zero skill system, and lack of any balancing on almost every map. Wasn't the maps fault the community is all but gone (in comparison to the usual 150K+ from 2/3/Reach) If they decide to do a Halo 2 remaster like the did with CE, I think they'll see a substantial increase in players if the multiplayer is the same as Halo 2.

ProudGamer1539d ago

343 is to blame. They ran Halo into the ground with Halo 4.


killcycle1539d ago

I have to disagree and blame MS
They've been forcing Halo over and over from Bungie, they even wanted to leave MS and develop for other consoles but weren't allowed.

I reckon they just got sick of it and lost motivation.

NegativeCreepWA1539d ago

What are you talking about? MS allowed Bungie to buy themselves out, so they could move on to other games. Any other publisher wouldn't have done it, in most cases devs are forced to leave creating a new studio, while the publisher keeps the name of the studio.

I give MS a lot props for allowing Bungie to leave the way they did.

Brasi19891539d ago

Personally I really enjoyed Halo 4. But I'd have to agree with you. 343 would have been better off making their own IP instead of building off of Bungies Halo. It is a great game but it doesn't "feel" like Halo.

Anon19741539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I finally think I've succumbed to a bit of Halo/Gears fatigue. I loved both series but Halo Reach just felt like a kick in the nuts. I couldn't stand it. No characters, no plot to speak of. Not like the series was a shining beacon of story telling in the first place but to be replaced with "Grunt X runs from point a to point b while all other grunts die"...I frankly found it insulting.

I was excited for Halo 4 when I heard they were getting back to real characters and an actual plot for the main campaign but when it came time to purchase the game...I didn't. For the first time there was a Halo game out and I just felt I had too many other games on my plate and didn't need to make Halo a priority. The exact same thing happened with Gears 3 and whatever this last one is now. I meant to buy them, but when it came time to actually fork over some money I just had other games I spent my cash on instead. Gears 1 and 2 were amazing, but I must just be suffering from a bit of sequel burnout. Uncharted 3 I actually picked up but still haven't even opened yet.

I skipped Black Ops 2 as well which is the first Call of Duty game I've missed. Again, just feeling burnt out on these titles. I imagine I'll probably grab Halo 4 and Gears 3 in a bargain bin at some point, but I don't know if I'll play any of them after that. I'm leaning more towards games like Bioshock, Dishonoured, Last of Us I'll probably pick up.

Edit Below: Haven't picked up Infinite yet but I plan on it just as soon as a polish off Dishonored. It's odd. I've been such a big fan of Halo all these years, I feel almost guilty that I'm just not excited about it any more.

UNGR1539d ago

If you haven't gotten Dishonored, or Bioshock: Infinite they're worth every penny, I'd recommend them over Halo 4 any day.

nukeitall1539d ago

I don't believe you own an Xbox 360, since you worship Sony.

It would be blasphemous for you to own an Xbox 360!

Anon19741539d ago

Yeah, thanks for that, nukeitall. Always look forward to your contributions. Insightful stuff, right there. My gamertag is right on my profile. Say hi sometime.

ThatCanadianGuy5141539d ago

Would you like a dab of Aloe Vera Gel, Nuke? That BURN looked nasty.

GG Dark

sniplerifer1538d ago

youre not missing anything with black ops 2. it isnt very good. and halo 4 i have but cant play because it isnt interesting.

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thezeldadoth1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

the game is fun but it doesn't feel like halo at all. The series needs to bring back dual wielding, raise the jump height to halo 2 like, and tone down the perk system.

Halo 2 is the favorite and was the height of the series, yet they keep straying further away from it. Call of Duty might be getting old now, but it stays popular because it doesn't deviate too much from CoD4.

pompombrum1539d ago

It's not the DLC's fault. The gameplay, the lack of slayer maps, inclusion of cod style mechanics, a whole bunch of reasons why it failed to keep players.

This little scenario sums up why Halo 4 failed to retain players imho, happened to me I think in the second week of playing the game and left a really bitter taste in my mouth..

Flanked someone, killed him and two seconds later I was killed by the same player. On kill cam I saw him respawn, pop prom vision, sprint around the back of me and kill me from behind.. right there describes three mechanics all of which do not belong in a halo game.

NegativeCreepWA1539d ago

Halo died too me when they added kits in Reach. I enjoyed trying to control or battle over the shotgun spawn.

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