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Xbox One at E3: What Must Be Done

IGN: E3 2013 is Microsoft's most important, and after a dud debut of Xbox One, it has plenty left to prove (Culture, E3, Xbox One)

NYC_Gamer  +   905d ago
The only thing MS needs to do is come out on stage and announce 15 core exclusives
Sitdown  +   905d ago
What about being clear on used games/DRM, kinect, etc?
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NYC_Gamer  +   905d ago
^^Oh yeah,i forgot about that.
Blackdeath_663  +   905d ago
yeah they need to be clear and stop contradicting them selves because right now all the confusion caused and the mixed reports is really hurting MS. about the 15 exclusives those are within the first year of release how many of them are actually launch titles?? an established launch line-up is needed and most importantly of all live demonstrations of games,tech,features and everything else. you didn't fool anyone with the kinect demo,the fake cheering or the skype call at the conference you can drop the façade anyone half intelligent can tell it wasn't live and can understand why it wasn't live but at E3 you need to give the consumer an actual representation of how it will work.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   905d ago
If Microsoft wants to win back the core Xbox fans who have been leaving since Kinect launched, they need to show the games, focus on the games, and make games the priority. But at this point, the chance of Microsoft converting non-Xbox gamers is nil.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   905d ago
Core gamers left the Xbox since Kinect launched? Proof?
dedicatedtogamers  +   905d ago
"Core gamers left the Xbox since Kinect launched? Proof?"
@ AngelicIce

Proof? The diminishing sales of every core 360 franchise is your proof. Sales for Halo, Gears, Forza, and Fable have continued to decrease since Kinect launched.
UNGR  +   905d ago
reminds me of that article from a few days ago


This guy is the prime example. Dedicated to gamers, only plays one console. What a joke. If you're ignoring all of the competition you really aren't a gamer, you're a fanboy. Now if you can't afford everything that's cool I understand. But you strike me as the type of person that just spews "BOO Microsoft, YAY Sony!" at every turn you can. (comment history would prove it) If you're going to be dedicated to gamers you can't be this blatantly biased. Also the XBL community grows every year, how have all the core gamers left? A foundation of conjecture is bound to bring the house down.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   905d ago

Huh. Funny you should bring up that bit about viral marketers, considering how your account is only 13 days old. Join date: 1 day before the Xbox One conference. I've seen so many new accounts like yours it's not even funny.

I own a ton of consoles, several handhelds, and a gaming PC. Not like that matters. A fanboy can be a fanboy even if they own everything.

But go ahead and check my comment history. It would actually confirm that I hate bullcrap, whether it's from Sony, Microsoft, Valve Corp, Nintendo, or anyone else. Thing is, Microsoft has been spewing the most BS lately so I've been mocking them, as should anyone.
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loulou  +   905d ago

so what happened to sony then? because their "core" franchises aint setting the world on fire on the sales front either.

is everyone leaving sony also? well actually they went from selling 125m ps2s in 6yrs to 80m ps3s in the sametime frame.

apart from fable, the rest you mentioned do well..
BitbyDeath  +   905d ago
@loulou, stop living in the past.
Sony didn't sell as well cause they released a year later with a really high price tag and were extremely arrogant to begin with thinking anyone would buy cause a PS3 because of the Playstation tag.

They have since learned their lesson and now it's MS's turn for a good slapping for all the anti-consumer elements they are introducing.

Get with it.
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Dno  +   905d ago
I don't care about these gams if I cannot play offline and cannot borrow/buy used games from people.

They have to completely start over on the xbox reveal and say "Nah all that DRM shit... we was just playing"
avengers1978  +   905d ago
No DRM, no used game fees(blocks) and show exclusive games, not timed exclusive content
HyperBear  +   905d ago
Only One thing must be DONE!!!!

The entire 90-minute press conference showing off live, on-stage gameplay of Xbox One Games.(And among other things: announce launch date & price info, either a One-Model sku or different sku tiers and launch games/launch window games.)
Godmars290  +   905d ago
What do you consider "live" gameplay?
HyperBear  +   905d ago
I consider "live" gameplay to be a person, from the development team, on stage playing an actual demo, with the real controller in their hands, playing it in front of everyone in the audience.
cyguration  +   905d ago
They can't show "live" gameplay and they never really have in recent years.

All the big stage demos run from dev kits on high-end PCs. They do this so you don't see frame-stutter, lock-ups or glitches galore.

The system is due out this fall but it's still a huge risk to show live gameplay from an actual system, which is why it's not going to happen for the XB1 or the PS4.

No need for companies to get up on a live stage and screw themselves over with a glitch or two.
HyperBear  +   905d ago
Isn't that how it's always been done though?

Look back to the PS3 and Xbox 360 at E3 2006. Most of the demos that were played on stage were all "Live" demos with the developers playing the games on stage and being in front of the audience. Yes, they were all using DevKits, but they all used the controller that would eventually ship with the console, and the way the games looked when playing them at home looked exactly the same as when they were being played through the DevKits on stage.

But then, your definition of "live" gameplay is probably different from mine. I'm guessing your definition is when you physically see the console being turned on, going through the UI menu, launching the game and having it being played in front of you? Then yeah, I'd agree we won't see that. I don't think I've ever seen that at an E3 Media Brief...
cyguration  +   905d ago

Well, yeah I guess we're on the same page then.

You mean "live" gameplay as in devkit + system controller? Well yeah, I hope we do get to see that then.

lol for a minute I thought you meant playing from the actual console. My bad.
Haules  +   905d ago
The only thing M$ has to do, is to leave the stage. Dunno how ppl. actually supported them instead of Nintendo, Sony or others (sega).. they should have never released a Box 360 to begin with.

360 = Playstation 1, but with shiiitier games...; thx. to Sparrow and his Crew, it got famous in the USA. Just leave the game and give Sega a chance, they do a better job (hope that Spectrum" is acutally a console prototype, a dreamcast today would rule the planet! ;)
GreenRanger  +   905d ago
They should come out on stage and say that the Xbox One reveal was just a big joke, and then show the real Next Xbox.
PeteDoherty  +   905d ago
Microsoft need to announce that they're quitting the Gaming Industry all together.
1lawrence  +   905d ago
my thing is even if they do have good games how you know they wont just bait you then abandon you like the last two generations. what new exclusive ips are u getting this generation none. yet u xbox fans fall for it again 3 big exclusive ips are coming for ps3 two are new thats support. i just dont get consumers smarten up i have n xbox but im not a fool. fool me once shame on u fool me twice shame on me fool me three times u get an xbox one
WeAreLegion  +   905d ago
The press conference is only going to be 90 minutes? That seems a bit short...
ziggurcat  +   905d ago
no TV talk, and answer people's ****ing questions instead of pussy-footing.
Dynasty2021  +   905d ago
IGN are really pissing me off lately.

It's nothing but Xbox One articles. "What must Microsoft do to win E3?" etc.

What about the same articles for Sony?

Oh that's right, you've sold the ***k out and are shoving Xbox down our throats to the kerching of Microsoft's payments.

Stop trying to get the XBox One on our minds. It's shit. Move on.
SpinalRemains  +   905d ago
First they must find a time machine. Any such device will do, since they do not need or want to return to this timeline.

Once sent back to a year ago, they must throw a grenade at the Xbox One plans. The entire program, and start anew.

Then and only then, can they have a solid showing and a competitive Gen.

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