Spike’s Xbox focus casts Nintendo’s ‘no E3′ decision in a new light

With the long hype train to E3 now finally, painfully, tangibly entering its last stretch of track, we’re getting a much more solid idea of how we’ll all be consuming the big happenings from the show floor and the company conferences. Of course some of us will be there in the flesh to experience things first hand, but most of us (myself included) are not so lucky and will be watching from home.

Even with the Xbox stuff being exclusive to Spike, one would imagine the official broadcast would still include all the Sony and Nintendo stuff right? Well not exactly.

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NYC_Gamer1937d ago

I'm watching E3 on GT anyway though

HyperBear1937d ago

Yeah same here. If I got Spike TV in HD through my cable provider then I might opt with that, but Spike are broadcasting the same thing as what GT is streaming, and I'd rather have an HD feed from my PC rather than a standard 480i/p "fuzzy" channel on my TV :D

Minato-Namikaze1937d ago

Will they show commercials, i remember G4 used to show commercials during the conferences.

xHeavYx1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Nice try M$, already trying to control what people watch with your Cablebox One.
I'll just leave this image here

Plagasx1937d ago

What do you mean "fuzzy 480i/p"? Spike has HD..

UNGR1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I thought most people would have avoided the Doritos king with a ten foot pole by now. I think I'll go with Rev3, or just watch the Xbox stream to get the games and go, get the PlayStation stuff from Rev3 most likely as well. I'll grab all the details after on N4G.

dedicatedtogamers1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I'm gonna watch online. I'm sure there will be plenty of streams to choose from.

The N4G comment sections are going to be an absolute killing floor on June 10th, especially after both Sony and Microsoft have finished their conferences and we can compare.

tbh, I think Nintendo will quietly clean up the most at E3 while Sony and MS duke it out, but that's just, like, my opinion, man.

PopRocks3591937d ago

Only time can tell. I get the feeling both Microsoft and Sony will find a way to impress their respective fanbase and Nintendo (hopefully) will find a way to pleasantly surprise the rest.

Anon19741937d ago

Has Spike ever broadcast anything but the Microsoft presentation at E3? I remember I watched the Microsoft bit on TV, and then when it came to find the Nintendo and Sony presentations on Spike, I simply didn't see them on the schedule anywhere and ended up watching on my PC.

Themisterphenix1937d ago

Here is on game I know I'll be at E3 found this my self!Killer Instinct reboot is real!

Docknoss1937d ago

This is so ignorant! When has Spike ever showed a Sony or Nintendo E3 Conference? Never! its always been a Microsoft only on Spike. Sony and Nintendo have always been G4TV.

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darkvenom1937d ago

screw spike tv and micro$soft!,nothing they show will make me want an xbone,will be watching the sony conference on my vita.

theWB271937d ago

Which invalidates your opinion...which makes it weird you'd even click on an Xbox article if you've already made your decision before everything is concrete...including all of the PS4 news not being set in stone.

UNGR1937d ago

Why do we let this fanboyism run rampant? Are we this stubborn we won't even let them show their games? Come on people, give them E3, then make your final decision. Ignoring an entire console from one very poorly communicated reveal is childish. Let em show you what they have at E3, it's the least you could do.

mananimal1937d ago


You said------"Why do we let this fanboyism run rampant? Are we this stubborn we won't even let them show their games? Come on people, give them E3, then make your final decision. Ignoring an entire console from one very poorly communicated reveal is childish. Let em show you what they have at E3, it's the least you could do."

I say NO!, Ive seen enough, dont care how great the games are, dont care if they gave Xbox One away for FREE.......burn in Hell Microsoft, the end.

nukeitall1937d ago


You are among a niche group here on mananimal and darkvenom is the common approach here on

Blind fanboyism followed by fangirls. If it ain¨t Sony it will be attacked, be it PC, Wii U and especially Xbox One.

Outside_ofthe_Box1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


nukeital is hypocrisy at it's finest. This is coming from someone who said that he wouldn't buy anything anti-consumer when the PS4 was rumored to block used games to actually likening the idea as long as there are "benefits" when there were strong indications that MS might have a used game fee. He is also one to spin positive Sony news in to a negative... talk about blind hate and fanboyism...

solidjun51937d ago

"Blind fanboyism followed by fangirls...."

Oh the irony.

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ps3_pwns1937d ago

i agree xbox one sucks. why get an xbox one when you can get a ps4? ps4 is technically an dlogically the best. dont know why people are trying to fight logic and the right choice. then again theres tons of peopl breaking the law going to jail doing silly things when the ogical thing to do is to get a job and not steal lol.

UNGR1937d ago

That was so un-biased. I think people can really learn from you. Even your name is completely objective to this conversation! Sarcasm.

This is what's wrong with this community folks.

Docknoss1937d ago

And your Single minded Ideology is why no ome will ever take you serious in life. Congratulations bottom feeder

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Soldierone1937d ago

Microsoft pretty much owns Spike TV. Thats why they wont air the Sony conference.....

Same with NBC, which owned G4....

Soldierone1937d ago

Not the Sony conference. They show the Microsoft one though.

They blame TV schedules or something stupid. I mean Spike TV really has important tv shows and everything..... ha

Nevers0ft1937d ago

The article makes a fair point, although I never understood why so many people thought the sky was falling in when Nintendo announced that they wouldn't be doing a huge press event for E3 in the first place. Having a large presence on the show floor, coupled with Nintendo Direct and the Best Buy "tour" seems a pretty inspired way of announcing the upcoming 1st/2nd party games for 2013.

Minato-Namikaze1937d ago

Because of how little the Wii-u was/is selling. It was obvious to think that ninty was trying to hide the wii-u from the new consoles and that they didnt want to get over shadowed. If it turns out good for them them great but if it doesnt people are gonna jump on them again. MS has kinda taken then heat off of them since the XB1's reveal.

Godmars2901937d ago

Because E3 is in the general public eye.

Pointed this out before, but Nintendo Direct events are called direct events for a reason. I just don't see how they can reach new customers when you have to have Nintendo product to watch them on.

Mikito111937d ago

What are you on about?..

Nintendo Direct is just the name of their video streaming events.

You can watch it on PC, phone ect.. You don't need to own anything from Nintendo to watch it..

AllroundGamer1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

MS showed Spike some $$$, well they will need any help to try to sell that water cooler to (dumb) people... (like those who will disagree with me :)) )

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