Can Rock Band Really Make You A Drummer In Real Life?

People say that playing drums in Rock Band is pretty close to the real thing. But is it really? Kevin Pereira from G4 recently got to chill with Coheed and Cambria and try out his Rock Band skills on a real drum set. The surprising thing is … when they started rocking out, he didn't totally suck. In fact, he actually sounded pretty good.

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Lord Vader3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Nope. The drums & guitar timing is far too forgiving. I can hit 90's easily on normal diff to songs I couldnt even begin to play real drums to. It may not be bad training to get started though, but except a real instrument to be *significantly* harder.

kapedkrusader3857d ago

...Or see the video that it included. The real question is, did the host already know how to play the drums or was his previous experience truly just from Rockband. If it was, that game's amazing!

DTClown3857d ago

I can say that yes, RockBand CAN give you some BASICS when it comes to playing actual drums. Timing is one skill the game can teach you and some basic beats as well. However, I have taught MANY drunk women over the years a simple beat they can play as well. (also my 5 and 8 year old alcohol involved!)

Point is, the game can make you look and sound about the same no matter what you are hitting...pads or drums. But that's going to be the end of it, just some basic stuff. You can't say that for the guitarists though...totally useless!

PlayStation3603856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

and of of course on the Guitar/bass. However, it's not totally useless. As a Bass player, there is one thing I found rather interesting. While playing RB, I found that it could help folks with their finger reaction time and endurance. Playing 8mins+ songs can work out your forearm :P So it's kinda like a treadmill for a marathon runner. Sure it can help with proper form and endurance, but that's it. To be a pro, you need the real deal. Nothing can substitute.

A HiFi3856d ago

PlayStation360 - I was just about to type about bass until I saw your post. I agree. Personally, I play these type of games by 'running' on the strumming device. I've not seen anyone else around me do it, but it's most comfortable to me because I play bass.

And I feel it keeps my fingers nice and active for if I want to pick up my actual bass. It is helpful; even if it's just building endurance.

mariusmal3857d ago

yes it can give you some basics. but the guitar can't give you basics, i play guitar and bass for some years.

Strife Lives3856d ago

But for us in the real world.nope

DrPirate3856d ago

I was playing with TheHater 2 and I got 92% on this song on drums on expert.

Safe to say I also own a real drum kit and have been playing for a year and a half. The one thing Rock Band has helped me get better at is keeping time with my rhythyms and better coordination between my hands and feet.

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