Game Vortex: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Review

Game Vortex writes: "the Gamecube back in February of 2004, I've been waiting on a sequel. It was our favorite multiplayer game of the time, and it worked well on single player too. After waiting four years on the next one, I was really hoping that I would like it just as much!

Graphically, Ring of Fates looks a lot like the previous incarnation that came out for the Gamecube. It looks quite beautiful on the DS. There are still 4 main races, and they are each completely different from each other. Each person you run into looks different from the last, so you don't get a sense that everyone is the same. Also, when you change your armor and weapons, it will change the appearance of your character on the screen. This does have a drawback, though. When you give them all the same armor, it can be difficult to tell who is who."

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