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Monster Hunter is a series with a strange route in Europe. Just consider that not all games come out here even after having asked the fans, especially the second main series. It also was a strange game in the facilitismo in games. Continues despite all the current to be a difficult game to play without the help of a guide or a lot of patience. Fortunately it is also one of the games that the reward for effort, and quite addictive although we consume hours and hours of play.

How should note the name of this new Monster Hunter is a new version of the game released for the Wii. There is a simple expansion, or at least is not a simple expansion as many games in the current show. Compared to other versions of "definitive" this is simply enormous. Even if you have played the game on the Wii will be surprised. There are new quests, items, areas and monsters. All this increases tens of hours to base game, making the game even completely required for whom the already played.

The only problem that this brings is that to play most of the content that is really worth going to have to play for hours and hours. This could be a real problem if Monster Hunter 3 was not as good, however there are always players who have played the original game and would like to play only the new content.

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3-4-51845d ago

Thinking about buying this. Never played a MH game but it looks good on 3DS and there is a ton of content so I know I would get my money's worth.

One thing holding me back is the difficulty and I'm usually not into boss fights, which this game basically is. It looks really fun though so I'm still not sure.

DA_SHREDDER1844d ago

dont play it unless you have real friends that will play with you. Its boring if you only play alone.

Blacktric1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

" Its boring if you only play alone."

Not true. If you don't mind (or like) grinding for a huge variety of items (simple items, herbs, monster parts that you get from quests or by carving the ones you killed, etc) to make better weapons to fight even bigger and more dangerous monsters, than you'll love it. I played Monster Hunter Tri on Dolphin emulator (with varying FPS depending on what part of the map I was), and I still had fun. And Tri had less than half the content Ultimate has. It's also really good for casually playing it (simply picking up, playing for a short amount of time and then dropping it). It doesn't require full dedication at all since the story is barely there and not that important.

If you're still not convinced, then play the demo. It'll give you a very brief and shallow idea of what to expect.

3-4-51844d ago

Yea I'm ok with grinding, I did a lot of it in DQ 9, but since I liked the game so much I didn't mind.

- So basically you don't level up, you just get better and more powerful armor and weapons to use against bigger monsters ?

* Are there other things to kill besides just the big monsters ?

* How is the music ?

* How long do battles take ?

* How difficult is the game ?

* How addicting is it ?

Dgander1844d ago

If you have a Wii U get it for that instead.

Blacktric1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

-It's a game that's completely based on gear and the bonuses you get to your stats from the gear/items you use. All you do is killing/capturing all kinds of monsters and using the materials you gather from them (and the world) to craft better weapons. And each weapon type is extremely unique so if you decide to fight a big monster twice but change the weapon you use for your next encounter, the battle will be completely different (this also applies to when you use the same weapon of course, but on a much smaller scale).

*There are tons of different monsters, from small insects to medium sized herbivore dinosaur looking monsters to monsters that are unqiue to certain parts of the game world (underwater, volcano area, jungle and desert area, etc.).

*Some big boss monsters have their own unique songs and they all sound great, giving you a sense of a grand battle. Some "smaller big" bosses share the same battle song, which may end up getting a little repetitive after a while. Although it's easy to ignore since you'll be focusing on taking down a huge monster.

*It always depends on your gear and skill, but usually around 5 to 30 minutes. Some of the G rank monsters take close to 50 minutes, if you don't have too much experience fighting them or have mediocre gear.

*The battles are completely based on movement memorization and reading of each monster's behaviour. You simply learn what type of moves a monster have, defend yourself accordingly when he attacks and then counter attack after he misses/gets blocked. Also; Ultimate adds new "subspecies" of some of the old boss creatures that look (in terms of color usually) and behave completely different (some of them are extremely aggressive unlike their regular counterparts and have really powerful attacks they can use from the get go, instead of using them when they're in rage mode), which also adds a lot to the replayability.

*If you don't mind grinding, it's very addicting since you always end up wanting better weapons or want to fight a big monster that kicked your butt a couple hours ago. It's all about hunting and grinding. And if you're okay with both, then you'll be hooked for a long time.

Keep that in mind that I've only played Monster Hunter Tri on an emulator with choppy framerate at times and still invested 75+ hours into it. If Tri had half the extra content that Ultimate has, I'd be hooked for probably three times of that.

belac091844d ago

i have played every portable MH game alone and it has been a blast, it just depends on how much work you want to put into a game. because this will take a LOT of time to finish everything.