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Ed Boon Confirms Season Pass 2 For Injustice?

Ed Boon 3 hours ago mentioned that he didn't say there's no more DLC for injustice. Along with the new Scorpion Trailer today.
So , DLC Season Pass 2? (Ed Boon, Injustice: Gods Among Us, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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Adexus  +   692d ago
Season pass 2? This is getting out of hand.
thethiny  +   692d ago
Why? there are 10000+ Characters , and only 8 is not enough.
Blank  +   690d ago
True but it can start another bad trend and defeats the purpose of a season more and more people will wait for the ultimate edition once they they feel that season pass 1 burn wasnt enough.
Captain Qwark 9  +   690d ago
disagree, with a game only every two years max and plenty more sweet characters, season pass 2 is sweet and gives the game more life. plus i dont understand calling it a season pass if you only have one season. i was sad in fact when mk9 didnt get another season. that remains my fav fighting game ever even today and there are sooooo many more old characters i want to see return

as usual, dont like it, dont buy it.
yewles1  +   691d ago
Oh hell no...
Transporter47  +   690d ago
just going to wait for the ultimate version of this game with everything
Ducky  +   690d ago
Season pass 2? Now that's injustice.
cr33ping_death  +   690d ago
Hasn't this whole gen been an Injustice?
Starbucks_Fan  +   690d ago
Had I bought this game for $10 at GS earlier today I wouldn't have complained.
FullmetalAlchemist  +   690d ago
I don't think you would have been able to buy it if you wanted. I went on 7 minutes after the sale started and both ps3 and xbox versions were sold out.
Starbucks_Fan  +   690d ago
I tried getting to my cart for 10 minutes and the site kept crashing lol
typikal82  +   690d ago
I set my alarm on my phone and got my copy. Muahahahaha *dr evil*

It shipped already. Can't wait for the game, I will wait for an inevitable DLC sale to get the add-ons though, ugh.
Toon_Link  +   690d ago
I was able to get a copy for 10 but I'm still trying to decide if ill keep it or wait for the complete version that will eventually come out.
ACEMANWISE  +   690d ago
I warned you about online and software control. Can you imagine what it will be like when single player games get this treatment?
kagon01  +   690d ago
Already did...
ACEMANWISE  +   690d ago
typikal82  +   690d ago
Just look at the crap they did with Uncharted 3, your season pass only got you so much.
denero1  +   690d ago
lmao season pass 2 yet they talk about not being able to make a profit with the used market
ACEMANWISE  +   690d ago
Not to give developers any ideas but...Isn't there 4 seasons in one year?
denero1  +   690d ago
shut your mouth lmao you will only make their palms sweaty with excitement
thethiny  +   690d ago
hahaha , true that!
supersonicjerry  +   690d ago
@Blank how does it defeat the purpose of a season pass? It's a season there is more than just one season this is the first season and they're going into the second season now. I don't agree with DLC like that but publishers/dev's will keep doing it if people buy it.
maniacmayhem  +   690d ago
I want more Batman characters, tracking unblockables and long combo strings with no cool downs and hard block stuns!!

Gotta love those wacky MK mechanics!
optimus  +   690d ago
I would rather they do multiple seasons and add to the game either with characters or stages than release injustice 2 with 4 more characters and 2 stages and charge $60 for that just less than a year later (i'm looking at you capcom).

I had no need for the ultimate kombat version of mk9 since all they added was the 3-4 characters of the dlc...disappointed i was since the ultimate version came out about 4 months after i bought the regular version...

Back to injustice, so far i'm only interested in lobo so i opted out of the season pass, if they end up offering more for season 2 then i may reconsider.
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ghostrider32  +   690d ago
Season Pass 2: More of Batman's bitches.
KillaT2501  +   690d ago
Need more arenas!!

Also costumes based on their first appearances!
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BATRA  +   689d ago
hope its for wii u or i be sad

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