PS3 Addict: SingStar PS3 review

Everything about SingStar PS3 looks very polished and all-around better than the old SingStar. The webcam features and the SingStore are valuable additions that put SingStar on top of the party game genre.

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eagle213918d ago

I am going to pick it up. I will check the release date.:)

kapedkrusader3918d ago

Mic Lag is not a Con, it's more like a game-breaker if you're talking Kareoke. I'll wait for other reviews.

Agente473918d ago

It's the same as all the other PS2 SingStar games. There's a small lag between the time you sing and it comes out of the speakers. At least with every setup I tried, it's there.

If you play with the original voice on, it wont bother you. If you filter the vocals out of the song and increase your mic level, it becomes obvious and distracting.

nevimkdojsem23918d ago

Singstar has absolutely no microphone lag, it's HDTV lag and has nothing to do with the game itself!!! http://hdtvlag.googlepages.... The game was revied by an ignorant. Sony can do nothing about HDTV lag except adding some kind of sound calibration to the game (I think Guitar Hero has it) - like this you may get fair points plus correct replay sound but you'll hear your voice with a lag while singing. The only good solution is to use an HD TV set that doesn't lag (those may be rare?) or simply connect the PS3 audio to a separate audio receiver (with an analog cable, maybe optical works too).

kapedkrusader3918d ago

If it lags at all, even if it's just a little, I won't get it. Especially since I prefer to sing with as little of the real vocals as possible. Thanks for the input.

nevimkdojsem23918d ago

Agente47, people never complained about lag with PS2 singstar because they played it on standard definition TV sets that don't suffer from the phenomenon. If you play PS2 singstar on a HDTV it will be even worse than PS3 singstar because the video signal has to be upscaled from 480i to the native resolution of your HDTV set and that takes additional miliseconds.

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Agente473918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I am NOT talking about video lag. I am talking about sound lag, you sing into the mic, and then your voice comes out of the speakers/tv/whatever a few miliseconds (?) later. I experienced this on SingStar games for the PS2 and the PS3 running on different setups. Just speak into the mic at the start of the music and listen to it. If this is a problem with all of the setups I tried, please let me know how to fix it :)

And talking about HDTV video lag, I can play Guitar Hero just fine without changing the default settings.

edit: I tested with HDMI audio to the HDTV and optical audio not going through the TV, both setups have the delay.

I am reading this: and LOTS of people have this problem.

Agente473918d ago

Update: The mic lag is very small and doesnt ruin the game with my setup, but I am looking into a lot of complaints from users that experience unplayable delays. I am also seeing that many people dont have any lag. While it's still unclear to me what is causing the problem, since many different setups have lag (I tried a few), it's obvious that something is wrong. So I have to advise you to try the game with your audio setup before you buy it and check if it's playable. Any tips on solving this problem are welcome.

nevimkdojsem23918d ago

yes, I was talking about audio lag. The delay is caused by video processing (buffering, upscaling, picture enhancing filters etc) but the TV has to synchronize the audio to the video and thus the audio lags too. I tried Singstar PS3 on a HDTV (Samsung) and the lag was horrible (even with "game mode") and everybody complained about it, then I attached the video over HDMI and audio to an old stereo receiver using the left+righ cinch connectors of the SCART cable and the whole lag was gone. Two of my friends who are very good at singing (over 9700 points on easy) said there was no lag with the analog audio setup and scored 1000 more points on every song. Before they had to sing some 50ms earlier, which is difficult and silly, to get decent points :)

Agente473918d ago

After reading all the pages of the thread I posted, I do understand your problem and your solution, but that's not all there is to it. A lot of people, includind myself, are not using the audio over HDMI, and still have a delay. I tried all the audio options, optical, hdmi and stereo, all with lag. Read the official forum thread and you will see lots of different setups have problems, and only a few were able to fix them by changing audio outputs. And notice the lag is only for the mics, the video/audio of the game is fine. Sony has to look into this and patch the game so every setup works or at least can be calibrated to work.