Guillermo del Toro Working With EA, Dead Space Movie in the Works?

Guillermo del Toro’s working with EA, sources tell Talkingship. Is a Dead Space movie in the works, or could this be a potential inSANE related project?

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Hozi1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Holy Sh*t!!! If this is true, I am so putting this movie on my top 3 list! Guilermo Del Toro is a boss! I can't wait to see Pacific Rim!

Mr_Nuts1939d ago

Can we please have Joshua Jackson from Fringe play Issac, he looks a little like him

Kamikaze1351939d ago

If that guy makes a Dead Space movie....omg. It will be absolutely amazing!

hazardman1939d ago

This guy is the man. I have feeling its more to do with his game than movies. Hes been trying to find a publisher for a while already. Hope they can work something with EA. Would like to see what he brings to the gaming world.

FarCryLover1821939d ago

If he makes a movie based on DS then it will obviously be about the HORROR and will probably be on the Ishimura.

If the movie does well, maybe they will do another Dead Space.

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