Halo 4 Weapon Tuning Details Fully Revealed

GR - "The weapon tuning for Halo 4 is just about done, and details have surfaced about exactly what the changes are set to entail."

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Muffins12231817d ago

Impressive..i like it how you don't have to download a update to get this update,it just automatically changes the stuff.Very cool, I have never seen a AAA game developer put effort in updates like they have :)

Shadonic1817d ago

Many developers put alot of efforts into there updates >.>.

Hufandpuf1817d ago

hardly anyone even plays this game anymore Halo 4 is trash

ShabbaRanks1817d ago

I was really disappointed, so much hype when this game came out and most of the maps suck anyway. I’m gonna get a ton of disagrees and yes my eyes are fine, but the graphics in the multiplayer are a big downgrade from Halo Reach. The resolution is higher, but the textures and character models don’t look as good. The singleplayer graphics were about the same as Reach tho.

Oh well I think I got my lesson. I really liked Halo2 back in the day, but I think it’s just turning into cod now. Like the perks (forget how they call them in the game) and other stuff like that really turned me off. Halo wont save Microsoft this gen sorry

PS4 all the way !

Sitdown1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

The disagrees will probably come from your tourette syndrome causing you to randomly yell out "PS4 all the way" in a thread about an xbox 360 game.

ShabbaRanks1817d ago

@ Sitdown did I hurt your feelings ?

Don’t know about you but Microsoft did hurt mine so I felt like putting that out…

LAWSON721817d ago

To back up your argument you talked about visuals that is why I disagreed, which are the last thing that make a halo game great. "the resolution is higher", that can make a big difference if you are on a larger televison, because the supposed amazing textures and models would look much worse on a larger tv. I agree the game is a disappointment, but graphics surely in hell are not the reason.

thechosenone1817d ago

So Halo is kind of dead; COD is played the f-out, what games does the Xbone have that will entice players to choose the bone over the PS4.. Kinect and TV? Really?

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GameCents1817d ago

He says with tears welling up in his eyes.

Hufandpuf1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

nope, borrowed it from my friend expecting it to be really good, but the sound effects are annoying and sound like clashing solid blocks of metal, and the changes they made make the game very CoD-like and not like a Halo game at all.

And I don't need to be disagreed by people that think the game is good because apparently the game is already barren by now by FPS fans looking for something better. I just hope 343 gets it better next time.

pompombrum1817d ago

Too little too late I fear.. the update is GREAT and I'm finding halo 4 fun again but tbh, I don't think it's going to bring back all the Halo faithful who felt the series changed for the worse.

Shadonic1817d ago

I agree theres still some issues with Ordinance which is the main issue

ddurand11817d ago

this is the only xbox game i wish i could play on my ps3.

hopefully bungie delivers with destiny

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