Vivid Gamer: Color Commando Review

It’s impossible to review the DSiWare game, Color Commando, fairly without considering that it’s the work of a single man with very limited resources. Unfortunately, it’s that limitation that shows in almost every aspect of the game, from its brevity to the slight lack of polish. To his credit however, Hugo Smits, creator of other DSiWare titles like Flipper and Ace Mathician, managed to make his heavily flawed title at the very least charming and colorful with a decent bit of challenge.

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TheLiztress1787d ago

It looks like a cute title. Though the issues are something that would turn me off from playing it much.

rrquinta1787d ago

Ugh, I hate when a game requires precision but the controls don't allow for it. That adds up to lots of frustration.

theherp801787d ago

yeah if you're going to do a puzzle game with poor controls its going to get frustrating very quickly