Remember Me trailer white Protogonist replaces mixed race heroine

Remember Me's lead character Nilin changes colour in the Live Action trailer. How weird.

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-Gespenst-1753d ago

Money hungry. Take no chances. If she's dark of skin people might be less inclined to buy the game.


TheBossMan1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

To be fair, she was originally white.

And is still voiced by a white actress.

And still looks pretty damn white, with light eyes, light skin, Caucasian bone structure, etc.

It's not much of a stretch is what I'm getting at here, I guess. If anything they made her not white later in the production cycle to say, "Hey! Look at how against the norm we are!"

cleft51753d ago

Not surprising. Be it male or female, white characters still are the ones that get predominantly shown. Ultimately, all I care about is a good character, but if you are going to use a minority character as the star of your game than your marketing material should reflect that. If they wanted her to be white than they just should have went in that direct and boom problem solved.

SpideySpeakz1753d ago

Maybe they couldn't find anyone of mixed race/black to play the part. You know the lack of minority actors, and how that's related to their low population.

BabyTownFrolics1753d ago

there are plenty of mixed race actors and actresses to choose from

-Gespenst-1753d ago

No way. Their "minority" status is relative. There's still millions of them, and hundreds of thousands of them are likely talented actors or thespians / aspiring actors or thespians who have bright futures ahead of them.

DeadlyFire1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

bah humbug.

White + black = carmal + white = Nilan's color.

I still don't understand mixed races calling themselves black when they clearly are showing a mixture of colors.

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PerryCaravello1753d ago

White protagonist?

I like it!

MoveTheGlow1753d ago

No, no, no, it's a Protogonist. A mixture of a proton and a... gonist. Protoman, maybe.


its a shame when even white people know how racist other white people can be.

kreate1753d ago

All races can be a racist. Wth man.


That's true but I can guarantee that the people making the decisions to change to race were mostly white people. And they know that a lot a percentage of whites are racist or don't relate to "mixed race" characters. Need further proof? Google the recent cheerios cereal commercial with the mixed race family and read some of the nasty comments on youtube. I agree that ever race has racist but most minorities are not in a position to be effective racist.

TheBossMan1753d ago

"most minorities are not in a position to be effective racist."

Dumbest thing I've ever heard.

-Gespenst-1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

@TheBossMan: Are you serious?? Surely ethnic minorities can say "racist" things about white people, but it's the white person's racism- them being a cultural and racial dominant in that society- whose racism rises to the level of a cultural fact. Think about it, black racism towards white people barely has a cultural presence- it's not a "thing".

The white anglo-saxon male established dominance through empire and 100% false racial discourse to justify slavery. That's just a fact. We're only just beginning to enter a world of post-imperial values, but there's a hell of a lot of resistance. Probably from people like yourselves, even if you don't realise it. Time to read some books.

Hufandpuf1753d ago

As long as she remains mixed in the game I don't care but it is pretty messed up when marketing decides to change the race so that the game can sell. However I don't think the game will sell much because so little has been seen or marketed.

aliengmr1753d ago

Sorry, I actually didn't read there was an actual decision to change her appearance for marketing reasons. All I read was the author noticed the trailer had Caucasian woman.

GreenRanger1753d ago

These marketing people are full of crap.

What makes them so sure that people won't buy their game if it has a non-white character.

It's 2013, ffs.

Hufandpuf1753d ago

Did you see the new Cheerios commercial? The youtube video had to block commenting because people were making racist comments over the fact that there was an interracial couple being shown.

Pozzle1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

And a few months ago TIME magazine featured an interracial couple, and hundreds of people wrote letters and emails expressing their disgust at "promoting" mixed couples. TIME even published some of them! :O

1753d ago
aliengmr1753d ago

Which marketing people are you referring to?

This article is just speculating and at no time provides any evidence at all.

Your comment is based on the assumption that someone decided to use a white woman to boost sales.

Where did you get that idea? It wasn't from the article.

Listen I get that racism exists and that in marketing its always best to play it safe and have no agenda verses picking a side.

But in this case most here are automatically assuming racism played a role. That whomever was in charged made a calculated decision to use a white actress.

I'm asking why? Why is no other possibility being considered? Surely you wouldn't like it if something you did is labeled racist purely on someone's speculation?

This article is one paragraph long and provides ZERO evidence to back up its claims. I can't believe one idiot's speculation is taken as gospel.

What ever happened to critical thinking?

bunt-custardly1753d ago

The article isn't making any claims other than the observation that a white actress has been used versus the game character being mixed race - with supporting evidence. The article does not cast any aspersions at all. It doesn't even use the term "racism".

Stop being rude to people (calling them idiots) just because you disagree.

Pozzle1753d ago

The company behind this ad might not have been intentionally racist, but it does suck that a mixed-race actor missed out on a chance of getting this role in favor of a white actor. Minority actors have a hard enough time getting non-stereotypical roles in film and tv, so it's sad to see they can't even get cast in smaller roles like video game ads.

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