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Insomniac's Fuse Bombs In UK Chart, Only Managing 37th On Debut

GamesIndustry International: ''Codemasters' driving sim sequel GRID 2 has come out on top of this week's struggle for the UK charts despite selling 29 per cent less in its opening week than its predecessor - which debuted in second place five years ago.

FIFA 13, in second place, had a resurgence of sales thanks to the UK schools half-term break, which pushed retail numbers upwards by 17 per cent. The rest of the top five is made up from Dead Island: Riptide, Far Cry 3 and last week's number one: Resident Evil Revelations.

The only other new entry in the week's top 40 is a very disappointing 37th for Insomniac's Fuse, the studio which produced the Resistance series. The title has struggled with critical reception following a high-profile marketing campaign.'' (Fuse, PS3, Xbox 360)

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yugovega  +   857d ago
bu bu but insomniac is the 2nd best developer ever only behind naughty god. /s

goes to show shooters are finally dying.
wantonGamer  +   857d ago
They're good if they're exclusive to Sony. Otherwise they obviously just turn to sh!t.
wastedcells  +   857d ago
People don't realize how much Sony helps with game development and funding. Sony inspires creativity are trying new things.
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Spontogical  +   857d ago
Let's be honest in years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 - Insomniac was literally the shit. Releasing stellar yearly titles - not many developers can do that. After Ratchet ACIT however, they just went downhill and became and average run of the mill developer.

Resistance 3 wasn't bad to be fair, but everything else has been dire.
Ju  +   857d ago
In all honesty, this game is not on the level we are used to from Insomniac. Not quite sure what happened there. Multiplatform or not.
jagstar44  +   857d ago
EA sucked the life out of them.
strigoi814  +   857d ago
You knew that EA was with them..and as far as i know what EA touches turn to golden crap
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majiebeast  +   857d ago
Those Ratchet and Clank:A Crack in Time and Resistance 3 sales would look like a god send by now.

This is their lowest rated game and probably the least sold. With the way its going PS+ game in September or earlier. I hope Insomniac has learned that the grass isnt always greener and to never listen to focus groups/testers.

Doubt Sony would buy them at this point when they are better off buying Ready at Dawn or Quantic Dream.
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RandomDude655  +   857d ago
Bu bu but there's no reason to be exclusive.........lol
Edit: holy crap just found out they have 200 people that work there. Quality doesnt show it. Sucker Punch was the much better buy
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   857d ago | Funny
Every bomb needs a Fuse.
SOD_Delta  +   857d ago
Good one!
Spontogical  +   857d ago
Excellent. :)
Lucreto  +   857d ago
I love Insomniac games and I have all their games except Distuptor and not this.

I like they tried something new but it didn't work this time.

I think it is time for Ted to accept the idea of being bought by Sony. They have potential for more like with Naughty Dog. Sony can make them great and rival Naughty Dog.
majiebeast  +   857d ago
With the way Insomniac has been going, i dont see Sony buying them.

They were at the top of their game with ACIT and Resistance 3. It would be better to buy a studio like Ready at Dawn, which consists of old Blizzard and Naughty dog employees or Quantic Dream cause it comes with its own mocap studio.

Right now i bet Insomniac is pretty low on the list of studio's to acquire.

Fuse is actually made by the main studio in Burbank. It just would not be wise for Sony to buy a bloated studio like Insomniac, who employes 180 people. With the new studio not really releasing top quality games so that would be a waste.
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Ju  +   857d ago
There is no need to get bought. But who knows. This was done by their new South Carolina (?) studio anyway. They must have worked on something else "back home". They should just get back in bed with Sony and release R4 on PS4.

Fuse doesn't push anything - which makes me wonder if they had to dial down the PS3 version. It sure has worse visuals than R3 and crappy AI as well. Even Ratchet's All4One is better.
Unicron  +   857d ago
200 people is bloated? ND has over 240 employees. Even worse, look at the 600 people working on JUST Resident Evil 6 or the multiple teams they pulled in to make AC3.
RonRico  +   857d ago
What happened to these guys(and gals)? They used to have me looking forward to their releases. Hope the next one is something good.
ZodTheRipper  +   857d ago
You should rather hope that they stay far away from EA next time.
RonRico  +   857d ago
Ah. I see your point.
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Slysi  +   857d ago
Then you don't have all there games :)
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moegooner88  +   857d ago
In other words, the game has failed to sell thousand copies.

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Locksus  +   857d ago
This is the EA effect in practice, people. Fuck up the vision of the developers, resulting in an uninspired game that won't sell at all.
EA is the worst damn company in the business.
BoNeSaW23  +   857d ago
Not only this industry but in America. 2 years in a row!

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rainslacker  +   857d ago
That's what happens when you let focus testing take higher precedence over the actual developers developing the concept.

Granted, I haven't played the game yet so I can't comment on it. It really lost all it's appeal for me once it was renamed and shown along the new art style and game play concepts.
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Williamson  +   857d ago
I hope they go back and make a traditional R&C or maybe a new platforming game on the ps4. I hate how most of the games made by them now are all about co-op! All for one, FFA( kind of fun playing alone but still not a traditional R&C) and fuse all got mixed reviews and they all emphasized on co-op.
colonel179  +   857d ago
Having changed Overstrike (for whatever reason) was their biggest mistake. Everyone was excited for that game (at least from the reveal trailer) It showed promise and great humor that Insomniac is known for.

At least they can learn from this experience, and will be interesting to see what happens with their multiplatform deal since it obviously failed. Hopefully they go back to Sony.
Unicron  +   857d ago
That's a bit of a lie. To be honest, no one cared about Overstrike either. Once Fuse was shown, it was only THEN that internet warriors came out in defense of the original game and said "they were always interested."
bluetoto  +   857d ago
DING!DING!DING! We have a winner! There is little doubt that if this was exclusive there would be a much different vibe on these forums for FUSE.
Overstrike looked foolish and they knew it. The new style is hella generic, but still lets stop the whole it bombed because it changed from what you saw from a teaser trailer...
Grimhammer00  +   857d ago
FYI the game is fun as fuk and really polished. I'm loving it!
Gears has better art and over the top violence.....otherwise, this game matches it. Minus competitive play.

Gears gets 9s.....this game gets hate.

Weird shiz
MilkMan  +   857d ago
I played the demo and the game on release. My neighbor bought it and we played.
With human players the game goes from 3 (playing solo) to something closer to 8 or 9.
When we played together it was more fun and less frustrating, but it didn't take away from some issues that are part of the game per-se.
Everything is one big cave/industrial zone, much like Gears was brown/cave environments.

However, unlike Gears, Fuse is not the kind of game you want to stick around for the story, or visuals and the fancy guns get boring after 10 minutes of use. We found ourselves relying on our trusted machine guns and Uzis.

Also the characters are uninspired. Gears is brimming with personality. That goes a long way.

There is no-way to be stealthy in FUSE, it all turns to crap after one stealth kill.
and there is no tactics to be heard of. The AI isn't even worth mentioning, with the exception that they try to bring you back from collapsing.

Which you do, a lot.
CrossingEden  +   857d ago
then its not an 8 or a 9 -_-
PANTHER1030  +   857d ago
FUSE isn't a bad game, the reason that isn't very attractive is because there are a lot of amazing games available at the market like Metro, Grid, Far Cry: Blood Dragon, Last of Us and old entries like FIFA, Crysis 3, Bioshock, GTA that have captured the market. Also, FUSE is a game that isn't impresive, games like Mass Effect are a better reference for a squad combat game.
Baka-akaB  +   857d ago
I'll just get the popcorn , and observes how fools will spin the game bombing on two consoles , because of an handful of fanboys of only one console
BitbyDeath  +   857d ago
Time to light the fuse and never speak of it again.
Start making decent games insomniac not this shooter garbage.
GamersHeaven  +   857d ago
Wow flop of the year.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   857d ago
Wonder if they regret leaving Sony now! Good job Imsomniac Games!! Smh

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