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NA PlayStation Plus: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Free for Members

Posted by Paul Sullivan // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms-

Welcome to June’s edition of the PlayStation Plus preview. At the start of every month we let you know what you can expect to hit the Instant Game Collection, and we’ll also detail the current week’s discounts. I’ll be sitting in for Morgan once again this week, but don’t worry, he’ll be back soon. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Let's Fish! Hooked On, Machinarium, Orc Attack, Portal 2, PS Vita, PS3, Saints Row: The Third, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward)

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Sharius  +   470d ago
my backlog keep getting bigger and bigger but i can't finish it, the new game keep coming and the next gen it's around the corner

somebody help....!!!!!!
sengoku  +   470d ago
ohh man i feel you pain
been having exactly the same issues.

got 99 games but they keep adding 1
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Zichu  +   470d ago
I feel for you brah... (Brah???)

A lot of new games being released that are being added to my list to buy. Even though I haven't been playing new games, I have been buying older games and playing through them.

I played through Deus Ex HR on the 360 about a month ago and it was amazing. I played through Metro 2033 a few weeks ago and that was also amazing. I also bought Alan Wake last week and that game was amazing, just playing through Nightmare Mode. I also bought the DLC and the Alan Wake All American Nightmare. It was all on sale not long ago on XBL.

Even though I paid for Deus Ex:HR, it was on sale and it was definitely worth it.
JoGam  +   470d ago
OMG, i wanted this game badly. PS Plus 4 Life!
despair  +   470d ago
yup those are problems to want. I have so many games backlogged right now that its just sad, when you don't have time to finish something like Bioshock Infinite, GOW Ascension or Tomb Raider then you know the games are overflowing (Ni No Kuni still eating all my time).

When Last of Us is released I'll drop everything and then when Tales of Xillia comes it'll be the same. Finally when GTA V launches I'll be stuck in a cave with no sign of daylight for probably a month.
mt  +   470d ago
same here just accept it PSN+ outdone us , and we can't keep up with it. well that is the case for me. I tried to finish all games that I downloaded from psn+ but at this pace it is hard.
Ilovetheps4  +   470d ago
Get ready, we are getting something huge during E3. They are taking down the three games that they put up their last E3 on the 11th, so we will be getting three or four games during E3 this year. Or at least that is my theory. Usually if they take a game down, they put one in its place.
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i have the same problem, and i blame it on playstation plus

playstation plus's #1 problem, giving me too many games

that should just tell you how great it is
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dantesparda  +   469d ago
Seriously, they give you to many games, my 320GB HD only has like 50gigs left and i cant keep up with all these games. What a problem to have eh?
CaptainYesterday  +   470d ago
Loved this game! The music the visuals everything about this game is incredible! A must play, seriously why aren't you playing it now!
sashimi  +   470d ago
Now i can finally play Co-op in Saints Row: The Third with my friend, nothing worse than buying a game with co-op only to find out its online only
Xaphy  +   470d ago
Zero Escape. YEAH! Been putting this off and now getting it for free!

Amazing month for US!
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Snookies12  +   470d ago
Heck yes man! I am so happy we get Zero Escape! I was really jealous when EU got it last month lol. :]
Xaphy  +   470d ago
also saints row the third! Never played this one as well! Amazing month
despair  +   470d ago
Ironically I was going to buy it last month as well before I saw that EU got it, I said if the NA PS+ didn't get it by August I'd buy it, guess I was right to wait.
Snookies12  +   470d ago
@Xaphy - SR3 is definitely a ton of fun with a friend. I didn't like it as much as SR2, but it's still a great game.

@despair - I literally was trying to find a copy of Zero Escape the other day to buy... For some reason the Gamestops around here don't carry them. Thank goodness for that lol!
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Jac5al  +   470d ago
Saints Row: The Third for me. I wonder what other games will be added to the igc later 0_0. Good overall update
Philoctetes  +   470d ago
Nice update this month. Not sure when I'll get around to all these, but they're welcome.
despair  +   470d ago
Oh my, wow, Got the plat on Deus Ex already but been waiting for a PS3 version of Saint's Row The Third (got it on PC) and those others (machinarium is just soo good), excellent update.
Outsider-G  +   470d ago
I'll download Deus Ex, heard great things about it. I'll also check out Machinarium.
despair  +   470d ago
Deus Ex is really good, same with Machinarium, you're in for a treat.
Outsider-G  +   470d ago
Great to hear, thank you for the comment :).
Blink_44  +   470d ago
I just bought saints row 3 last night....fuck me.
despair  +   470d ago
lol, I did that with one one of the games a while ago on Plus( I believe it was Just Cause 2), 2 days before it went free I bought it, then a week before they offered the "spend 50 bucks get back 10" I bought a year of PS+, you're not alone in your pain.
Blink_44  +   470d ago
I got the full package for 20 because I found a 30$ gift card at my house, so I guess it wasn't a total waste :)

It probably happens a lot haha
JAM_brz  +   470d ago
Same here. When I bought Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition one week before it gets free on Plus. My luck was that my friend bought the game from me lol
Bowzabub  +   470d ago
Finally. Been waiting for this one. Best update since last years E3 IGC. Bring it Sony.
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Krimmson  +   470d ago
GOD DAMMIT, I just bought Zero Escape last week! This is like the fifth time I buy something that appears on on PS+ less than a month later!
PANTHER1030  +   470d ago
LeRise  +   470d ago
Twitter message from EIDOS MONTREAL:

"Are YOU ready for The Fall?"


By the way, they registered domain name called "deusexthefall.com".
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nigelp520  +   470d ago
I never asked for this
RiPPn  +   470d ago
Incredible month. Too bad I already own Saints Row the 3rd and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But I'm still happy just for Zero Escape and Machinarium.
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Dragon_for_Lunch  +   470d ago
Sh#%t i just bought Deus ex few days ago. Oh well.....but the others are new for me, come to papa!!
Y_5150  +   470d ago
Not...enough...hard drive...space!
PANTHER1030  +   470d ago
cleft5  +   470d ago
I love paying for my Psn Plus subscription. C
TheLastGuardian  +   470d ago
Alright, Zero Escape! More great titles to add to my Vita collection.
Ragthorn  +   470d ago
I recommend this game to everybody, but first play Deus Ex 1, it's on the PSN Store. Hands down one of the best games of all time, even better on PC, which was the system I played all the Deus Ex games on!
Krew_92  +   469d ago
W00T Zero Escape!

Can't wait for the freebies.
TongkatAli  +   469d ago
Nice, Zero Escape will be mine : )
porkChop  +   469d ago
Deus Ex, SR3, Machinarium, Orc Attack, and Zero Escape all in one month. Not bad. And on June 11th inFamous 2, R&C, and LBP2 are being replaced with 3 new mainstays for the next year. Not a bad month.

Deus Ex actually makes perfect sense since they're teasing a reveal for the next Deus Ex game at E3. Exposing more people to DXHR will get more people excited for the next one.
Mr-SellJack  +   469d ago
Best hybrid game,one of my favorite games hand down
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