Is Wii gameplay more important than Xbox, PS3 graphics?

This current generation of consoles has seen a split occur: that between focussing mainly on graphics (PS3 and Xbox 360) and focussing mainly on the gameplay experience (Wii). Does the success of the latter strategy mean that gameplay is definitely more important than graphics?

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fenderputty3921d ago

It is causing a split. It's like people think that the PS3 and 360 are only going for graphics but, they sure as hell ain't letting game play become any less important this gen then the previous.

The Wii's main attraction is it's simplicity and it's controller. The hype it's generated is only aided by it's cheaper price point as well. Most people I know that own a Wii purchased it for these reasons and hardly ever play the damn thing unless people are over for Wii sports. The thing that get me is, the Wii-mote is just as inaccurate as the sixaxis. I guess casual gamers don't care or notice as much though. The sixaxis is equally as gimmicky yet gets harped on much more for it's problems.

Obviously the system sells well and no one should take that away from the Wii. It's excelled when a lot of people thought it was going to be a flop. The true test of the system will be later in this generations life cycle. If when the PS3 and 360 reach price points (200-250 American dollars) that the average consumer becomes interested in and, the Wii is still selling well then, this argument carries more weight.

Still ... I don't think the Wii focuses more on Gameplay then the 360 or PS3. I just think their approach of simplicity and price has appealed to the masses before the other systems.

sonarus3921d ago

i hate the wii but not because of the split. For me gameplay will always be more important than graphics. However not the wii's gameplay. Motion controls still don't work well for games i would like to play. Stretching my arm out and aiming at the screen for long periods of time is also quite strenuous.
Even if the wii wasn't a game cube in disguise i would still hate it.

fenderputty3921d ago

I just think it's ridiculous to assume that because the Wii has a gimmicky controller, that means it has a higher focus on gameplay then the other two consoles.

kapedkrusader3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I agree the the PS3 and the Xbox 360 care as much for gameplay as the Wii. And lets not get carried away either, not every Wii game is a Mario Galaxy. With this said, where do you come off saying that the Wii-mote and Sixaxis are inaccurate? I've owned the Wii since day one and even though I barely use it anymore, in the six months of Wii Sports that I clocked, it never felt inaccurate. The Sixaxis also works perfectly when implemented correctly, as in Warhawk not Lair as released. This is completely a developer issue. And if "the true test of the system will be later in this generations life", as you stated, I would look long and hard at the PS3.

sonarus3921d ago

exactly. waving your hands around is amusing for a while and don't get me wrong it looks fun. But every single wii owner i know is bored with their wii. Sure they are all having a blast now with their GAME CUBE controllers playing smash but they are all either looking at a 360 or a ps3 now.
I can imagine my mom playing the wii and having a laugh but i can also imagine her getting tired of it after about a week of decent play. The wii simplifies gameplay but doing so it makes the gameplay worse for gamers like me who are used to having more than 4 buttons at my disposal

JsonHenry3921d ago

I think it is more to do with interaction.

When I first bought my Wii, I played Wii Sports and was amazed at how much fun I was having using the Wii mote.

But then ONE thing stuck out in the back of my mind the whole time (and every time) I play - they should have made the graphics better.

Could you imagine the demand for the Wii if it had the same control scheme that makes you feel more "in" the game plus the graphics to go with it?!

The Wii's life cycle will undoubtedly be cut short because of the graphical divide. The PS3 and the X360 may not have a Wii-mote, but they certainly do have fun games and the graphics to back them up.

yesah3921d ago

I cant justify buying one either. It feels like i would just be buying it for the controls.

fenderputty3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

The Wii-mote and sixaxis are inaccurate. I've played games on the Wii. Swinging the golf club for a put isn't all that accurate in Wii sports. Neither is punching people. People complaing about the analog sticks compared to a mouse and keyboard in FPS but, the divide is even worse from the analog to the Wii-mote in metroid. Driving cars in Motorstorm isn't all that accurate. Flying a plane in warhawk isn't all that accurate. It's fun to fly and drive with the motion but, it's not accurate. I played boths game for as long as I could with motion and then switched to analog once things got more competitive.

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zypher3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

i've heard graphics don't matter before, and i say such statements are bologna. framerate falls within the graphics catagory, and as anyone who's played Madden 08 on the PS3 and the 360 can attest to, its that framerate does impact gameplay. as does screen tearing and other graphical glitches (like sudden texture and object pop-ins), as they can mar the gameplay experience.

also, likening fun-gameplay to Wii exclusively, and gorgeous-graphics to the PS3 and 360 is a little shortsighted. changing a devices input doesn't automatically grant you superior gameplay, nor does it render input styles of previous generations as sub-quality. i've had more fun with Bioshock, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Tools of Destruction, GOW, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Portal etc. than anything on the Wii to date. its not the fault of the PS3 (Sony) or the 360 (Microsoft) that all those fun games just so happen to have absolutely gorgeous graphics too.

fenderputty3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

There's a reason you and I find those games to be fun. They gameplay is great in them. The graphics add to the experience but, those games would still suck if they were graphics alone.

To say that the 360 and PS3 lack gameplay innovation is a little absurd. Sure Nintendo took a chance that's paying off well but, judging by review scores, it's apparent that simplicity and lack of graphics does not make a game that's fun to play. In fact, I think there's more crap out on the Wii then any of the three systems.

VigorousApathy3921d ago

Of course gameplay is more important than graphics. That's why the superior computational power of the 360 and the PS3 mean better gameplay potential. You think Super Smash Brother's Brawl could have the same gameplay on the PS1?

Lord Vader3921d ago

"Is Wii gameplay more important than Xbox, PS3 graphics?"

Yes, it is more appealing to casual gamers b/c of the motion controls.

But said contols are not superior to 360 or PS3 games = check Metacritic.

But mainly, the Wii's success = it's price & more family oriented. Plus, the casual gamer is just more enticed by the gimmick controler.

thornh3921d ago

I got the Wii for my kids and they love it. My kids range in age from 11 down to 1 and it's the 4 year old who plays it the most. I'm not trying to insult anyone but that is where the majority of Wii games fall when it comes down to it, so simple a four year old can play it. I had fun with Wii sports for a few days after Christmas and I haven't touched the thing since then. There is nothing wrong with "casual" gamers flocking to the Wii, I just think more of them should save their money or at least try a PS3 (or 360) first. You are really getting so much more for your money. Take away Galaxy and Brawl from the Wii library and you are left with very, very little. The PS3 library has been weak but that's all changing for the better now and in graphics, gameplay and functionality there is truly no comparison between the two systems. I think if you really want a Nintendo product the DS is a better choice. But, my kids are happy and it keeps them away from my PS3 a little bit more.

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