Play With It: Top Seven Examples Of Automaker-Video Game Industry Love-Making In New York

Jalopnik writes:
"There's a trend I'm beginning to notice around the massive halls of auto shows: scattered among the sheet metal, booth babes and PR flacks, there's a hell of a lot of video games -- both your standard issue Xbox-PlayStation3 setups as well as the more elaborate simulators. Taking a look at just a few of the many examples that appeared at the New York Auto Show this past week, I think this is more than just a way of giving journalists something to do between press conferences -- it's representative of a trend. Here's our carmaker-by-carmaker breakdown of what has to be construed as either a strategy of building "appeal with the youths" -- or an attempt by the car companies to distract everyone from their impending new "Second Malaise Era" with flashing lights and loud noises."

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