Guacamelee’s First DLC Pack; Chickens and Skeletons

IGN shows the first glimpse of Guacamelee's upcoming DLC, which -- through costumes -- changes the rules of the game.

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Canary1817d ago

Guacamelee seems like such an awesome game.

I wish I could buy it, I just loathe guacamole too much.

sdozzo1817d ago

Too Much Mexico Crap anyways

B_Rian891817d ago

after Mutant Blobs Attack & Guacamele, Drinkbox are now on my watch list as far as developers go.

despair1817d ago

yup. I'm with you right there, they are really good at what they do.

despair1817d ago

I wanted more game, but this is good too, the skeleton sounds awesome to play as, probably won't make it very far but that's part of the fun.