How the XBOX ONE Could Rule E3

Microsoft has been under attack ever since the XBOX ONE was revealed, and Gamers and the media need to take a step back because the more attention they get, the bigger their E3 press conference is going to be. That's great for us because even though all that attention is bad, we want to know what Microsoft is going to do to keep us around. That's where all the games come into play. We are going to see sequels and new IPs that are going to amaze us. Not to mention what the biggest bombshell of the entire show could be.

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The_Infected1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

"Xbox one has more momentum coming into E3 and Sony coming in at a close 2nd"

I heard you say that and thought you're crazy!! Then later you said "bad momentum" and what a sign of relief that was. Lol

Narutone661089d ago

For all I know, I am interested on what meme will come out of the conference MS is going to show.

fr0sty1089d ago

MS will hit heavy with the games. That's for sure. However, after all the bad press associated with kinect always watching/listening, used game restrictions, mandatory installs, charging per-viewer for some content, requiring a net connection, no upgradeable internal hard drive (meaning you have to send the damn thing off if your kid/pet/etc knocks it off the shelf and kills the HDD), among many other things (too many to recite off the top of my head), it's going to be very difficult for MS to convince anyone XBone is worth the cost. There is a mountain of bad press they created that they must climb, in addition to needing to come hard and heavy with the game announcements. Just bringing one or the other to the table won't be enough, they must have both. They must refute every DRM policy they ever considered, remove mandatory kinect and mandatory installs before I'd ever even think about getting one, and that's not even taking into consideration that they didn't show any games worth talking about.

It's an uphill battle for them. Kinda like Sony in 2006, the third console curse. That said, PS3 ended up putting Xbox 360 in last place in sales before the generation ended, so there's no telling where this could go.

I do know that I've been seeing warnings going out to parents on Facebook about Xbone, and it's anti-privacy features. I saw hundreds of comments and shares today about "There will be NO Xbox in my house!" from angry parents after they read about it. Serious damage has been done to the brand, and that casual non-gamer audience is exactly who MS is trying to expand into.

Jdoki1089d ago

And yet MS will throw money at their marketing department. And your average casual consumer (MS' main target group) will never know the issues you mentioned until too late.

I predict the XBOne will sell at least as many units as the 360.

Themisterphenix1089d ago

The manual installs is for a better gaming as a blu-ray drive isn't as fast as a DVD rom with data transfers!They are not going to use the Kinect to charge for views of content!They filed a patent!Sony has tons of anti used games and such patents?Alot of what you state isn't and true!You have been brainwashed by forums and negative media!

Microsoft isn't trying to end used games and there is no used fee for the XBOX ONE!They are trying to leverage GameStop to give up 10 percent of used sells!Which GameStop makes billions off of!They Kinect can be turned off! he'll you can even cover it up!

WeIther you know it or not you PS3, Xbox 360,Nintendo Wii u and PC all have DRM already!You don't realize it because it doesn't effect u as a customer!I am not saying the system is perfect or doesn't deserve some anger!I think a lot of is lies and half truths that has been spread like the plague!

Lets wait to E3 to find the facts!

TI_211089d ago

@Themisterphenix You might want to check your facts again. It depends on what kind of a DVD player is used. For example, the DVD player of the 360 (12x) reads less data per second than a 6x bluray player which will be built into both next gen consoles.

And nothing specific has been said about the Kinect yet. At the moment the only way to turn off the Kinect sensor appears to be to completely shut down the console, which is not a viable option if you'd like to keep the console in a low power state to download updates or keep the ram powered to resume your game from wherever you stopped playing.

Flatbattery1089d ago


"Lets wait to E3 to find the facts!"

A lot of the "lies and half truths" that people are angry about were taken straight from the Xbox One reveal and interviews with senior Microsoft employees directly afterwards. So if what was said is all lies then what hope have we got for getting facts at E3?

Ausbo1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

@Ti21 microsoft have confirmed you can turn of kinect. It needs to be plugged in, but you can turn it off. I cant really believe n4g would be this paranoid. The drm needs to change though.

fr0sty1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

MS only confirmed Kinect can be powered down with the console (which was true anyway if you unplugged the thing from the wall), Kinect is still required to be connected when the console is powered on. Also, "just cover it up!" doesn't work since the mics are still listening to you.

As for used games, they haven't confirmed ANY of their plans for their new "used game market", only that they have one. They also confirmed you won't be able to lend a friend a game and them be able to play it unless you let them sign into your XBL profile (which risks ruining your online stats by letting others play on your account). However, the fact that they are trying to restrict used game sales at all at the hardware level is where the problem lies. Any other piece of property becomes solely yours when you buy it. If you buy a car, you can resell it without having to give Ford/Honda/etc. a cut. Same should apply to your games.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between the console caching data to the hard drive to aid in load times (which even PS3 does), and requiring a mandatory full install of the game to your system's hard drive. This is especially true when you consider the hard drive is not upgradeable (it can't be removed from the system), so you will be filling up the internal HDD rather quickly. Caching data from the disc to the hard drive loads a chunk of it to the HDD in the background as you play to make load times faster. A mandatory install copies the entire game disc to your hard drive. Doing this will not improve load times, the only reason they are doing it is so that your game will be tied to your Xbox Live account (so they have more control over it).

It's funny, before the may 21 reveal people were saying "Wait for may 21, these are just rumors" when all the "always online", "Kinect required", and "DRM" rumors were going around. Now that they've all been more or less confirmed, they are all like "Wait for E3!". At E3 MS could ignore those issues completely, and at the end say "we'll reveal more at TGS!", and we'd see everyone saying "Wait for TGS!".

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ps3_pwns1089d ago

yeah hehe bad momentum because by the end of the show ill have the ps4 preorderd and try to forget how long its gonna take for the awesomness to come to my house. while ill be talking about bashing and throwing fecal matter at everything M$ and xbox one even at fanboys who want to defend them like xbot drone slaves. some people are pathetic like that and you can only suspect stupid shit like that from the worst of the xbox one fanboys. they all have down syndrome.

Ausbo1089d ago

Hahahahaha excellent trolling.

Deadpool1011089d ago

I'd say more people are "interested" in microsofts e3 conference than sonys. Not because I think people want an X1 over a PS4 but out of a morbid curiosity to see how Microsoft could possibly turn things around after such a criticised reveal. Sony will no doubt show awesome games and highlight the machines new features as expected, but MS have to dazzle people with a load of exclusives (which they dont have a great record of doing) and clarify (or back track on) pretty much everything they announced last month. Sounds too intriguing to miss.

solidworm1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Ms are supposedly going to show us 15 new i.p.s. If more than 2 are Kinect shovel-ware Live games the wave of derision will drown them like gaming's fiercest tsunami. Personally I reckon for them to turn around that lamentable conference unveil from last week it would be akin to Lazarus...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Ms just cant suddenly break away from this philosophy they have run with over the last 5 years. Its casual all the way and they want to nickle and dime every last one of us until the pips squeak. The only question is do you bend over or not?

colonel1791089d ago

They said they will have 15 exclusive during the first year, but that does not confirm that they will have all of them at E3. Nevertheless, the conference will be very interesting to watch.

Why o why1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I'm interested in both. We kinda get where sony are coming from but ms are never short of a trick up their sleeve. I'm hoping too much time isn't spent debunking. I want game and feature announcements from the both of em.

Boody-Bandit1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I personally cant see MS debunking anything. I think most of their time will be focused on the what the XBOX ONE will do and not what it wont do. E3 is a presentation not a debate. They have a PR department to field, or in most cases side step the negative with positive spin, hardware and policy questions and concerns.

MS probably feels they are only hurting themselves with a portion of the hardcore and some of mainstream gamers. They think they will give in and purchase an XBOX ONE regardless. If those consumers don't? I honestly think MS doesn't give a damn. They will bank on brand new consumers to replace the old. Similar to Nintendo's approach with the Wii.

That is why, personally, I say they can go kick rocks. For the first time in my lifetime (been a gamer since it's inception), I more than likely be a one console owner and that console isn't the ONE.

I am going to watch every conference but I can't see anything that MS can do to change the minds of the consumers that feel frustration by the direction MS has been heading the past few years. The evolution of the ONE on solidifies that direction to be true.

But I will never say never while I cling to a thread of hope. Honestly though I have no idea what that hope is that I'm clinging to. I feel the same way with MS that I felt with Nintendo when I felt, for the most part, they were turning their backs on the core fans / consumers.

UNGR1089d ago

People are cringing to see if Microsoft is going to make it or break it. The Sony conference is least in my mind, I know I'll enjoy it, and I know they'll do fine. Microsoft is in a very awkward position. We all want to see what's going to happen. They said E3 is all for the games, I hope they save a sliver of time to tell everyone DRM is being flushed down the toilet as well.

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