State of Decay gameplay walkthrough pre-release date

By Alan Ng

Many Xbox gamers may be focused on the upcoming Xbox One exclusives that are about to be announced at E3 2013, but some of you will have other things on your mind – specifically the imminent release of highly regarded open-world zombie game, the State of Decay. The Xbox Live Arcade game is due out this week, on Xbox and we have an excellent gameplay walkthrough to prepare you for the full game.

Some of you may be thinking, not another zombie game coming out. State of Decay differs however, in the fact that gameplay largely focuses on open world combined with building bases, gathering a community and securing resources as you progress, rather than just all-out non stop zombie action that is focused on the combat.

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tr00p3r1788d ago

This game is going to catapult Undead Labs into the limelight. Deserves to be more than just a small XBLA title. They deserve whatever success comes their way.

American_Gamer1788d ago

I heard if this game is successful, they are going to release a MMORPG version of the game. So the best thing fans can do is buy the XBLA game and support them. I admit that it looks amazing.

Captain Qwark 91788d ago

i think so too, this is the zombie game ive always wanted. they sold at least 1 copy to me guaranteed

InMyOpinion1788d ago

So hyped for this game! Can't wait!!

Tornadobounce1788d ago

Can't wait for this shit mang. Ohyeah I see you asshole.

biRdy1788d ago

I fear it won't get the attention it deserves by not being a Summer of arcade game, just as how CastleStorm isn't receiving much attention at the moment which I believe is a great game.

grassyknoll1788d ago

This game is also coming to PC too. Can't wait.

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