Past Features That Should Return in Mario Kart for Wii U

We are on the heels of the official unveiling of Mario Kart for Wii U, and in the short time that we have left, let’s take a moment to look back at some of the great features of past iterations that we would like to see return.

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maniacmayhem2019d ago

This Mario Kart better be awesome!

3-4-52019d ago

I love MK7, not sure why others don't as it's the most polished Mk game to date.

I would like to see:

* Feather makes a return

* 40 tracks
- 4 tracks per cup
- 5 normal cups
- 5 Retro Cups

* Possible bonus cup with tracks outside of Mario Universe

EX: Hyrule Fields, Green Hill Zone,

maniacmayhem2018d ago

I must be the only Nintendo fan in the world to not play MK7. But yes, I have heard that it is the best Kart to this date.

I would like to see:

The Ghost weapon make a return. This way a person in first has a chance to combat any laggers who intentionally fall behind just to pick up a good weapon.

I would also like Nintendo to fix the above mentioned weapon cheat.

They need to get rid of Bullet Bills and the Growth Mushroom, these weapons have the same effect as the Star and laggers don't need anymore help scrubbing their way into first.

I agree with the outside Mario Verse, in fact in a past comment I suggested calling the game Smash Bros. Kart (or something similar). Take the whole Nintendo franchise and race them including race stages.

Pozzle2019d ago

A lack of blue shell would be nice (or at least make it appear less, like the old MK games). Shit like that almost ruined Mario Kart Wii for me.

PopRocks3592019d ago

You mean actually balance that damn thing. Having four of those in one race is unacceptable.

MoveTheGlow2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

They did that in Mario Kart 7. Blue Shells are much less devastating, knock you slightly in back of the coins you drop (so it's one of the only weapons that allows you to get most of your speed back quickly), and require less recovery time. Not that many are given out, either.

Mario Kart 7 (running at a solid 60fps btw) is seriously amazing. Don't let the "It's just more Mario Kart" detractors fool you on that one - if they just brought that to the WiiU, it would be fine. And this guy's favorite Mario Kart before that one was Super Circuit on the GBA.

But I agree with the author on that last one - if I had 7 with character-specific weapons, it would be friggin' perfect.

jcnba282019d ago

The feature I want to come back is where you can hold the item button and your item will appear behind your cart and act as a shield for example a shell or banana. I missed that feature from MK 64.

mcstorm2019d ago

All the Mario Karts after the N64 you can do this on.
I want to see the blue shell that goes along the ground rather than flying to the 1st place. Ide also like to see a special edition or DLC where you can download all the tracks from all the games.

jcnba282019d ago

I'm almost 100% sure you couldn't do it in Double Dash though.

Yeah a blue shell that along the road would be cool also if the shell could take out other enemies aw well while on its way to the player in first.

DLC would be cool too.

mcstorm2019d ago

You could do it on DD to you just held in the Y or X button.

maniacmayhem2018d ago

I am also certain you weren't able to do that in Double Dash.

I also agree that the blue shell needs to act as it did in the n64 version. It was great jumping along side walls or cracks and having the blue shell hit a corner and get knocked out.

mcstorm2018d ago

Im sure you could on DD. I still have it and ill give it a try tonight and let you know.

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gamer422019d ago

Double teams, from my first and favorite mario kart, Double dash.

knifefight2019d ago

Same here!
My wife and I still play Double Dash all the time. She drives the car and I fire the weapons/punch people! ^_^ So fun!

WilliamH2019d ago

I hope Nintendo release Double Dash on the virtual console. The critics were very harsh on this game, I thought the Chain Chomp power up was brilliant

linkenski2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

That game is fun, and a little frustrating, but the main problem i had with the game - i tried it for the first time when i bought it last year - was that there simply wasn't enough content. 16 maps, and not very many characters. It took me less than 5 hours to get everything there is.

WilliamH2019d ago

This Mario Kart will be brilliant, being able to gilde moving the gamepad will be very cool. I would love to see a faster MK and the Sky Garden course from Super Circuit.

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