PS3 Vegas 2 suffering from online "itis," fix coming

Over the weekend, many shooter fans were enjoying time with Ubisoft's recently released title Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. While those playing the Xbox 360 version had few problems, PlayStation 3 owners were left out in the cold: bugs, disconnection issues, freezing, and a wide variety of problems are marring the otherwise-strong multiplayer action in its PS3 form.

One GameFAQs reader sent a scathing email to Ubisoft only to get back a response from a customer service representative that the "issue is currently being worked on by the development team." An ETA was not given, but the rep noted that "it should not be long."

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iMad3406d ago

P2P is better choose! I've never got freezes during XBOX Live play.

TheExecutive3406d ago

what a joke. they not only want you to pay $60 for what can only be described as an expansion pack and they cant even get that to work...

BeaArthur3406d ago

Since when did sequels become expansion packs. It's an entirely new campaign and new multiplayer maps (well some of them anyways). I mean there aren't a lot of new features but calling it an expansion pack is a bit of a stretch.

mindedone3406d ago

are becoming the "also ran" of the current generation.

iHEARTboobs3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Something to look forward to with Haze.

Lets hope i'm wrong though.

Hagaf223405d ago

i think im gunna wait a few days after haze comes out to see if it has problems before blindly giving ubi 60 more bucks for subpar results...

khellendros13405d ago

Haze should be ok. It's a PS3 exclusive, at least for right now anyway. So it should be highly optimized for the PS3.

LSDARBY3406d ago

Thank god they are fixing it, because the online mode is unplayable. Which makes the game worthless tbh.

BeaArthur3406d ago

I wouldn't say worthless but definitely not worth $60 at this point in time.

shysun3405d ago

I'm very disappointed with Ubisoft for this. It's not like this was their first PSN online game. I don't see how they messed this up so bad! RS:V1 was fine, but 2 is unplayable on line! I'll be playing COD4 until they fix it but I was considering returning the game. :(

Hagaf223405d ago

the first one wasnt "fine" by any means, we all just got used to the problems, knowing that ubi didnt care about the ps3 then, and obviously they dont care now. maybe soon they will realize this is the year of the ps3 and they better get a better development team or they are going to lose alot of gamers support.

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The story is too old to be commented.