IGN- Remember Me Review

IGN:Remember Me is a likeable, even admirable game that tells a deeply personal story in a thoughtfully-fashioned world populated by richly detailed character models. But ultimately, it failed to challenge or excite me as a game, as all of its best ideas are confined to its overarching fiction rather than its gameplay. I rarely felt like a Memory Hunter except for the few Memory Remix sections. I’d love to spend time in this world sampling its fiction and tasting some of its ideas, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the game, which is very forgettable.

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Relientk771787d ago

I was hoping this game would be good, still wanna try it

HaVoK3081787d ago

It's IGN. I'll never understand why a person who claims to love video games find any value in a review. Never put any faith into an opinion from a person who gets paid to offer them.

In and decide for yourself. Pretty sure anyone can afford the $3 it takes to rent a game. Considering they can afford the console and HDTV said games get played on.

Aery1787d ago

IGN is one of the most terrible website about videogame. Their review are pretty lame and it's pretty clear most of them are mediocre gamer.

I don't care about their score, I'm just sad they are so popular.

Haules1787d ago

Reviews are useless...
Playing it and it pretty good reminds me of Oni!

dasbeer881787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

"Reviews are useless"

Uh-huh...tell that to all the folks who nag about Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3's reviews, and that how it's the highest rated PS3 game thus far. And to top it off, those people will go on a rampage when The Last of Us reviews come out.

"...Their reviews are pretty lame and it's pretty clear most of them are mediocre gamers."

What is wrong with N4G users nowadays? It's like you guys are bipolar: One minute you guys love IGN and their reviews, the next minute you guys hate them with an utmost passion. Proof? Here's my comment regarding IGN's review regarding Bioshock Infinite.

When I posted that I would wait for other review scores other than IGN's, I got over 60 disagrees regarding how IGN tend to exaggerate their scores A LOT.

turgore1787d ago

Reviews ARE important. I won't waste either my time or money playing a mediocre game. However, it is important to not base an opinion on ONE review.

JP13691787d ago

"Reviews are useless", say the people commenting on a thread directly linked to a review.

Aery1787d ago

I don't wanna be rude with anybody and I respect every opinion and persons, but I know how they work and I have my reasons to say that.

Just DON'T trust in gaming website like Ign, Gamespot, Edge, Eurogamer ...

Then, if people enjoy website like that, I'm fine with you.


LastDance1787d ago

maybe they didnt want a small girl to be able to block against robots? That sounds more original to me

Dont call a game bland and then offer generic suggestions

wishingW3L1787d ago

IGN is popular because they cater to the mainstream and because they are deep in cahoots with game publishers which are the ones that cover their expenses through advertisements. But to me this game always looked bad though, only the graphics looked good....

NJShadow1787d ago

I saw the gameplay before this review, and it looked pretty terrible, if you ask me. Besides, a review is just that, a review. Take it or leave it, you're not forced to share the same opinion.

And FYI, I was paid at one time to write game reviews, and it never swayed my opinion one bit, and we never buckled to that kind of pressure.

What CAN cause pressure is when you see the reviews from other sites already, and you wonder if there's something wrong with yourself because you didn't have the same kind of experience.

Again, a review is a review. It's one person's opinion. If you don't typically agree with that person's opinions on games, then you probably shouldn't take that review seriously.

pixelsword1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

IGN tends to rate any game starring a woman low when she isn't a D-cup; like how they gave Mirror's Edge a 7.3/7.4 on consoles and 8.5 on PC.

Downtown boogey1787d ago

Deciding for yourself is counterintuitive when it comes to "judging a review"

DOMination-1787d ago

Nobody on n4g had a problem with ign when it was giving 9s to Twisted Metal and Starhawk if all games. I wonder why!

This game always looked terrible. The only reason why people cared about it was because it used to be a ps3 exclusive.

DeltaCanuckian1787d ago

They may be able to afford renting a game, but not everyone has the OPTION to rent a game. For me, Rogers Video, Blockbuster... they're all gone. GameFly doesn't ship to Canada. Redbox is my only option, and the pickings are rather slim there...

Reviews shouldn't be used as a 'be all, end all' thing, but there is value in looking at multiple reviews to see what flaws the game may have and to get an idea if it's worth spending full price to get the game.

DigitalAnalog1787d ago

"What is wrong with N4G users nowadays? It's like you guys are bipolar:"

You know what's ironic, is that the argument can be attributed to how "bipolar" your stance is. Is it not that the site has differing "reviewers" and thereby must be judged by their content rather than judging the SITE as a whole? Remember how 9.0 in one game didn't make sense to a 7.0 in another? See how "bi-polar" the argument go in both ways?

So which is it? That the site must have a universal score system or do we go by the judge the score by the "reviewer"? You can't have your cake and eat it all you know?

HiddenMission1787d ago


I think it's funny that you bring in Uncharted a critical, retail and fan success IP into a thread that has nothing to do with this.

IGN has been known to lie, omit details, steal other writers content and copy and paste reviews from one console to another. IGN hasn't been a credible scoring site in over 5 years...I know I've been following them since they 1st started and I've seen them spiral down to a really bad place.

Last little shot back the 1st review came in and The Last of Us is a 10/10...and just so you know Remember me is getting between 7 and 9's across the board so doesn't it raise a flag when IGN's review is so far off from what most have given Remember Me?

3-4-51787d ago

The best reviews come from the players. They are the most honest and right to the point. They are also sometimes worthless because of fanboyism...

I like to read a 1 positive 1 negative and 1 in the middle review from professional, then about 4-5 from players and then check the forums to see other people's opinions and ask certain questions.

Once I've done that and other research, then I make a purchase.

SpaceGhost1787d ago

Yup, my friend always uses it as an excuse not to play games, my biggest complaint is, what is the reviewers preferred game to play? what is his favorite game of all time? if reviewers started doing that I would take a little bit more stalk in what they say.

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raytraceme1787d ago

Most others are giving it a 7 One review shouldnt make up your decision. This game looks fresh and I can't wait to try it out though I tend to favor story over gameplay and like easy games.

Bigpappy1787d ago

I agree with you because you plainly stated why you would still buy the game. I know of many who would rate a game higher on story over gameplay. I am NOT one of those gamers, but I can definitely appreciate a good story.

I am a gameplay first and foremost type of gamer. I also enjoy exciting events with in a story more so than the overall driving story. I get excited when the events have surprises and discovery. This is probably you The Elder scrolls series is my favorite of all time and why I still consider Morrowind 'the greatest game ever made'.

LOGICWINS1787d ago

@Havok- I'll never understand why people who don't put faith in IGN reviews(or reviews in general) comment in review articles telling people to ignore reviews. If reviews don't matter to you, why are you here in the first place?

PockyKing1787d ago

Because the internet has nothing better to do than complain about anything and everything. I bet half the people don't even read the review here, just look at the score than say oh it's IGN.

Give the game a 10 and people yell, give the game a 5 and use more of the scale, people yell and say they weren't paid enough. It's a lose lose situation for just about every site out there.

LOGICWINS1787d ago

Its a perspective issue. People are going into reviews wanting the reviewer to confirm pre-existing beliefs as opposed to hearing the reviewers opinion. Sad. N4G will never improve if people keep thinking like this.

Imalwaysright1787d ago

So now gamers can't come to a GAME related website saying in the COMMENT section that we shouldn't put much weight on a GAME review because is nothing more than another person's opinion and might not reflect our own? Something that is even more important to say when talking about new IPs?

I thought this was a website where we should be allowed to post our opinions, free of arrogant people that think they are the judge of what can and cannot be posted be on the comment section. Don't lke a a comment, ignore that person, disagree or take bubble but don't come saying what we can or cannot post on the comment section.

mediate-this1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Well it is an opinionated driven site, so reading the article and the user can give their opinion on what they read.

I will read multiple reviews and even watch gameplay videos on you tube to gauge a judgment.

RadBrad all day lol

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Eyeco1787d ago

Yeah I wanna play it more than ever now, im into those futuristic sci-fi dystopian settings like Blade Runner, Akira, Deus Ex, Metropolis.

This review sounded more like a high 6 low 7, than a 5.9

fredrikpedersen1787d ago

What I would have written: "Remember Me is forgettable"

Yeah, Im a master wordsmith

coolbeans1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

"Remember Me is forgettable"

We will build statues in your name to honor your sublime wordsmithery. :)

showtimefolks1787d ago

here we go again so a game doesn't get a good review score so it has to be IGN, this game isn't that good or interesting. There is a reason sony gave up the rights to the game after funding the development early on

this is nothing more than a 6-7/10 kind of a game and good summer rental, nothing less nothing more

just because its a new IP doesn't automatically mean its gonna be a great game, and i thought the same about dishonored, the reason dishonored got so much positive press was because it was a new IP in a time where there were all sequels, i can't wait for dishonored 2 but the 1st game was a good not great game IMO

1786d ago
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LOGICWINS1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

When the hell did this game come out? Was there any tv advertising for it? Whether this game is good or bad is irrelavent if no one knows about it.

gamer421787d ago

no, it comes out on june 4th in North America, but reviewers get early access to it for reviews.

horne2421787d ago

Some people disagree that it's released June 4th... jeebus wept.

Relientk771787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Apparently it comes out June 4th, so in 2 days

but yea I don't think Capcom knows what advertising is. I have seen zero commercials or ads for it

SegataSanshiro1787d ago

I guess someone at capcom forgot to pay IgN this time, must have been the same guy who couldn't spell revelations

gamer421787d ago

Couldn't even give them the 6? Harsh....

ThichQuangDuck1787d ago

Really complaining about .1 in a game you have never played. Will the 5.9 or 6.0 look that different on paper. Don't their review comments matter more? Does anyone read reviews anymore. Why complain when someone else has a opinion on something as long as it is informed

Revolver_X_1787d ago

You got to admit its still quite stupid. What constitutes a 5.9 to not be a 6? Seriously, what factors took a .1? This goes for any game. Hell, I really dont understand .5's while were on the subject. The letter system could possible be more true to accuracy, but it just gets mucked up by adding a + or -. Again, not a big deal, but a tad silly.

ThichQuangDuck1787d ago

@ Revolver X

If I believe a system to be stupid than I wouldn't use it. I don't use IGN's reviews at all or most reviews period. After IGN gave GTA IV an 10 I stopped. Still my point remains despite the disagrees. .1 or .2 doesn't make a review so people need to stop scrolling for the number and actually read the content dissociating from the score. This same logic applies to the schooling system to me

KwietStorm1787d ago

He wasn't complaining about anything. You missed his point completely.

ThichQuangDuck1787d ago


I now realize he was being sarcastic obviously most of the time I pick up on it but the internet is the internet. There are quite a few people who would make the comment he did and not be sarcastic because those people are refreshing and as soon as they see a number they do not like they insult the reviewer, company, etc until they see a number they do like to justify their own purchase and their own opinions of the game

SilentNegotiator1787d ago

...uhh, wasn't it IGN that made a big deal about switching to a 20-point system...and then stuck to it for like, a year?

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Mr_Nuts1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Oh but no they'll give COD Ghosts a 10 despite it being the same old crap but for a new IP they can't give the game the benefit of the doubt

EDIT: Below

Who said they give past COD's a 10? Knowing IGN and the fact that it's a NEXT GEN Call of Duty game they will give it a 10. I'll bet on it. Anyway all the COD games have been highly rated, they've all been above 9 except for Black Ops which was 8.5



I'm not saying "Oh give them a choice award" I'm just saying they couldn't give the game the benefit of the doubt to give it a 6 or 6.5 instead of a 5.9 but with COD it's always a high score despite being more or less the same

LOGICWINS1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

When was the last time IGN gave a COD game a 10?

Also, IGN gave dozens of new IPs editors choice awards this generation such as Infamous, Dishonored, Guacamelee, LBP etc.

EDIT: .....

What conceivable difference is there between a 5.9, 6, or 6.5 in regards to grading the quality of a video game?

And if u had pre-existing knowledge that IGN has a negative bias towards new IPs..why did u come here in the first place? Its like you knew in advance that you were going to be disappointed.

Its been the same story on N4G for years. Someone sees an IGN review they dont like, they make an excuse about how IGN is biased. But when u ask them why they take the time to come into these articles in the first place...silence.

Its like going to a fourth graders bday party...and complaining about a lack of booze.

Blastoise1787d ago

What does CoD have to do with anything?

Mr_Nuts1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )


Read my comment and you'll know

I was making the point that IGN gives games LIKE Call of Duty (an EXAMPLE) high scores, same IPs which never change that get high scores for being the same yet they can't give this the benefit of the doubt for being a new IP...something which is pretty rare these days

Next time maybe you should read the comment through out.


** And if u had pre-existing knowledge that IGN has a negative bias towards new IPs..why did u come here in the first place? Its like you knew in advance that you were going to be disappointed ***

So why did you come here then, you didn't even care for the game because you never even knew it was coming out with you comment above

***When the hell did this game come out? Was there any tv advertising for it? Whether this game is good or bad is irrelavent if no one knows about it ***

So it's not like you were going to get it anyway. Besides what gives you the right to tell people what to view and comment on. Seriously how you aren't banned from this site I'll never know, you post so much crap towards people thinking your Mr Know it all when you arn't

I came onto this article because it's the whole bloody point of this site. To look, to read, to comment.

Besides if you are sick of the same old tune on N4G then I'll do exactly what you've just done to me....why do you even bother to click onto this site

EDIT: Below

*** At the end of the day, they should review it on what it is. Not whether it's a new IP or not. ***

So giving it a 5.9 instead of just rounding it off to a 6 is right. Sorry but when you have a game that does the same thing over and over compared to something which has tried to do something new, and other reviews the majority of them are saying it's not that bad, that's all fine and dandy.

***because they've managed to consistently bring out good games?***

HA...COD....good. Yeah whatever you say.

Blastoise1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Next time maybe you should make sense.

At the end of the day, they should review it on what it is. Not whether it's a new IP or not.

Did you ever think that maybe these established franchises get good scores because they've managed to consistently bring out good games? Which is why they've managed to become established franchises in the first place.

Besides, it's like LOGICWINS said, they give tons of new IP's good scores. "The Swapper" got a 9.3 like 2 days ago.

Maybe you disagree with the review, and that's fair enough but you shouldn't pander to a game just because it's a new IP.

Edit:'re complaining about a 0.1 difference? Really?

Root1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Oh shut up LOIGC/Blastoise, I'm sick of this site sometimes why can't people let other people have their opinions. Creating arguments where theres non. Ffs. Nuts isn't hurting anyone. The only people causing a fuss here is you guys.

LOGICWINS1787d ago

Root, everyone and their mother has opinions, but only those that make sense and are respectful are worth listening to. Take your comment for instance. You promote that people should be free to give their opinions...yet ironically the first thing you write is "Oh shut up...". Ever wonder why you only have two bubbles?

Root1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Logic if it was anyone else but you I would be nicer, I truely would but your not anyone else. You are the biggest pest on this site.

Oh your making the "You only have blah blah bubbles" statement. How mature, the only reason I have two bubbles is because unlike you and your bubbles which seem to go up despite people bubbling you down for the bollocks you spew out, I don't arse lick the mods or be best buddies with them anyway. I've seen you been bubbled down a ton of times only for the negative vote to be taken off you and your bubble given back to you even though the mods aren't supposed to do that. Bubbles mean nothing anyway, we know how flawed the system is, thats why trolls like you get a ton of them and others suffer. Besides at least I'm not despised on here as much as you

Raziel8931787d ago

I understand for a new IP to get such a crap score its tough, but please stop with the big bad established IP's always getting a break routine its getting old. While RM looks like a great new IP from trailers and videos i've seen nothing new. Looked like a lot of rehashed ideas used in other games.
@Root Oh give that sh*t a rest. You are on a gaming website to discuss opinions on gaming related news. If you don't want your opinion being questioned, then don't put it out there.

CrossingEden1786d ago

-if cod 4 was good, and they made that same good game with better slight tweaks in balance and weapons, then why would it receive a low score, the phrase "TOO MUCH SAME, I WANT NEW THANGS" doesn't apply when people constantly bitch about an IP changing, for example, people are bitching about AC4 because of a pre-conceived notion that it is not a "true assassin's game," and i've seen this a playthrough, every interesting concept is overshadowed by repetitive half-assed arkam city style combat that gets extremely boring to watch over and over

phantomexe1781d ago

i don't agree with root much and he has jumped off the deep end many of times but hes right about logicwins bubbles. I have been comeing to this site since it preety much started and i've said before theres something strange about how fast he got them and when he losses one its. I really don't care but theres some truth in what he says. Just calling it as i see it. Sorry for being off topic and i'm still going check remember me out.

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kenshiro1001787d ago

I was gonna try this...D:

-MD-1787d ago

And because of an IGN review now you won't? Makes sense.

Kalowest1787d ago

Still give it a try, rent it from somewhere!

Murad1787d ago

I would give it a try because Capcom's trying something new for once, rather than the old Resident Evil scenario that keeps on making fools of gamers all around.

kenshiro1001787d ago

-MD- Way to jump to conclusions. I'm just surprised by the score.

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GameCents1787d ago

For some reason, I still want to play this game.

Kalowest1787d ago

That's because it's something new and it was at least trying to be creative/original; even if the execution isn't perfect.

ironfist921787d ago

Look at Assassins's Creed. With a sequel, it could end up become an amazing series, even though the first was ambitious yet under rated.

CrossingEden1786d ago

all of the interesting ideas are overshadowed by the unoriginal ones, like arkam city fighting minus the counter button

phantomexe1781d ago

I'm a fan if it's anything like AC or uncharted.