Arekkz Gaming: Remember Me Video Review

Remember Me, developed my DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Capcom, is released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC this week. But the question remains, when you take away the cyber-punk exterior, the pretty colours and fancy futuristic effects, is the game something to remember? Or something to forget? Check out the video review below:

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Pandacorn1633d ago

Finally, another good female character! Deffo need more female protagonists in games :] Game looks awesome, I will be purchasing this :]

Arekkz1633d ago

It really is a great game, and Nilin is such a great character!

tait2691633d ago

I wander if someone is disagreeing with you cause they don't like female leads or cause they dont think the game looks good?

Pandacorn1633d ago

Needs to be more female leads in games.

SOULJER1633d ago

I heard Dontnod Entertainment originally gave her a thicker shape. Crapcom took away her booty.

tait2691633d ago

'Magine could of had the Jill RE: Revelations booty.

Optical_Matrix1633d ago

Imminent bomba ahead. Hope it does well though, regardless.