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Submitted by wilbossman 912d ago | article

The 12 hardest games ever made

Was Dark Souls not tough enough for you? Then check out the 12 hardest games ever made for some brutal old-school challenges... (Dark Souls, Demon's Souls, PC, PS3, Retro, Xbox 360)

yugovega  +   912d ago
come on now dmc3? goldenaxe was harder then that.
dedicatedtogamers  +   911d ago
I don't think so. Golden Axe was "hard" because you ran out of lives/continues, but with enough lives you could power through anything and eventually win by attrition.

DmC3, on the other hand, has sections that are very difficult to beat no matter how many lives you have.
yugovega  +   911d ago
well with enough lives contra was easy but doesn't mean it wasn't difficult. i jst nver felt dmc3 was near as ard as people made it out to be. i believe that was the moment that i noticed "gamers" couldn't remember or never played the nes and snes. from ps2 on nothing has ben near as hard. even friday the 13th should be on here before dmc3.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   911d ago
Golden Axe, all the MegaMan games(NES), Castlevania(NES) and Bionic Commando(NES)
Tetsujin  +   911d ago
Thank you, someone who mentioned Bionic Commando (Top Secret: Hitlers Revival in Japan) before I could. There's a few other games to add:

Ninja Gaiden (NES)
Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Mario Lost Levels (NES)
Jacobster  +   911d ago
Argh Shadow of the Beast II and Treasure Island Dizzy always kept me coming back for trying the impossible! I actually remember the ten pints cheat aswell, how sad ha!
I_am_Batman  +   911d ago
Shadow of the Beast 2 took me over 15 years to finish. It was so rewarding everytime I got a little further. Awesome original world and the soundtrack was really great too. That game over screen (saw it a lot).

Kind of weird that Contra is on the list. I know it was challenging but I don't remember it being that hard. I've played through it about 20 times though (knew the game inside out).
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Grimhammer00  +   911d ago
Conan the barbarian this gen last boss was soooooo redonkulous.
thirtyandnerdy  +   911d ago
Interesting to see this kind of list not include Demon's or Dark Souls in this day and age. Perhaps it's because those titles start out hard and get a bit easier and easier as the player levels and progresses. Whereas a lot of the titles the author listed start out difficult and maintain their difficulty throughout the experience? Fun list nonetheless.
cpayne93  +   911d ago
Truthfully even though the souls games are challenging, they are really nothing special compared to a lot of older games. It's just that this gen has so much hand holding in it people were apparently shocked to find a game that needed your full concentration to beat.
thirtyandnerdy  +   911d ago
Good point. I think it's the multiplayer component that makes them especially memorable compared to other titles. Old school meets new school or something to that degree. =)
PurpHerbison  +   911d ago
This gen has something called "Instant Gratification". The souls games were also kind of different. In a sense that yes, at first, they seemed hard. But once you got over the learning curve it really isn't hard at all in comparison to the old school games.
cpayne93  +   911d ago
Yeah I meant they were nothing special in terms of difficulty, but they are very special in other ways. The incredible skill based combat, the awesome atmosphere and level design, along with an amazing multiplayer makes this game one of my favorite games of all time.
PurpHerbison  +   908d ago
Even though the game had some serious lackings, you are pretty much correct with your statement. The overall concept was absolutely amazing but it wasn't executed perfectly. Not to say that it didn't have its moments of perfection... But nothing broke my immersion more than having choppy FPS in some areas and a laggy invader.. Which also wasn't something uncommon at all. However! In a place where the engine could handle a steady FPS and I got a perfect connection invader, I have never been more immersed. :]
DxTrixterz  +   911d ago
Ninja Gaiden 2 on xbox 360 on easy is like a living hell. Second mission boss Genshin drives me crazy. I can't even blink and he already kills me. Actually I am soo angry that I stopped playing it. Maybe one day I will go back to it but right now I do not even want to think about it.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   911d ago
The impossible game.

Never made it even half way through the first level.And believe me, i gave it my all.
punisher99  +   911d ago
Savage Moon on the PS3 should also be on this list. That game is F N impossible.
TheDivine  +   911d ago
I conquered that bit** bro. Def had to multitask and there seemed to be a specific way to beat a lot of levels. You had to place the blocking ones in specific places to herd the critters a certain way. Man I freaking love that game to death. The dlc got pretty crazy too.
punisher99  +   911d ago
Yeah its one of the most addicting games I love. But when you get to the enemies thats so strong they destroy your guns with one shot, thats when the frustration sets in, and its all over for me.
grassyknoll  +   911d ago
Super Meat Boy should be on that list, It's hell on earth. Still love it though.
DlocDaBudSmoka  +   911d ago
one of the hardest games ive played in my life is the original TMNT for the nes. that damn water level was a bitch, but did manage to beat that. to this day, ive never beat the game, just made it to level 4. smdh
ACEMANWISE  +   911d ago
I can't pass the last level with the floating space suit guys. They shoot the lasers, remember? I've tried shooting those crescent moon shaped shields but they aren't as effective as I wanted them to be. I watched videos but can't seem to recreate their actions. Oh well.

That aside, the NES version of Ninja Gaiden was the hardest game I've ever played. The birds alone made that game hard and aggravating. Also there was no climbing, making going up walls hell. Combine the jumping on and off walls to scale up, with flying birds, and it becomes very hard.
yugovega  +   911d ago
amen to this. the sea weed was killer. i believe that game made me cuss for the first time.
Tetsujin  +   911d ago
I remember being stuck in the Technodrome with the space guys; what I did was save the throwing katanas for them (even used a few on Shredder which made the fight easy). I do agree though, TMNT was a pain in the ass, and to this day I still shudder at the thought of ever playing that game again. I'd give credit to Bionic Commando as my all time hardest game, first game that made my eyes water it was that hard.
USMC_POLICE  +   911d ago
Blasto on ps1 was very hard also
MisfitsInc  +   911d ago
i cant agree with Devil May Cry 3 being on the list
e-p-ayeaH  +   911d ago
Playing DMC3 (not the special edition) on normal for the first time without completing the game beforehand is quite difficult.
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MisfitsInc  +   911d ago
yea but not hard enough to be one of the hardest games ever
Firan  +   911d ago
Nice list but I would change DMC3 to a Shin Megami Tensei game.
JeepGamer  +   911d ago
There's a big difference between 'difficult' and 'cheap'.

Being difficult means its a challenge, being 'cheap' means it's basically just set up to make you fail regardless of skill level.
imt558  +   911d ago
Someone mentioned Super Meat Boy and Impossible Game. Agree!

Or Killzone 2 on Elite.:D
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golding89  +   911d ago
No ninja gaiden 2? was hard for me lol
SpinalRemains  +   911d ago
Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Demons Souls

Those 2 alone are way tougher than anything in that list.
Ghosts N Goblins was tough, but very doable. The rest are a little overrated in terms of difficulty.

Just my 2¢
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MikeyDucati1  +   905d ago
I have a love/hate thing for Ninja Gaiden. Ikaruga sounds WAY hard. F-Zero GX was a headache

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