Official E3 Site Lists GTA V for PC, one of the official sites of the show, has listed GTA V for PC.


E3insider updated the page and added official release date of the game but DIDN'T remove PC:

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hosseincode1817d ago

this is just for dying pc fans!

Snookies121817d ago

Are you implying PC gaming is dying? Lol

hosseincode1817d ago

lol no! i know some people who refresh R* site all day to see a confirmation for pc version :D

Soupaman661817d ago

no way. Remember the phrase "This is to die for"? PC gamers are anxious for this to happen, thus they are pc fans dying for gtav on pc.

AliTheSnake11817d ago

Nice. Now Give us a PS4 and Xbox One version.

Murad1817d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if he was, or I would have believed it when he first stated it without any explanation. It kind of make sense in a manner of speaking. GTA 4 runs terrible on the highest resolution, so GTA 5 might be as bad of a port as Saints Row 2, if not worse. Let's keep our fingers cross for a good port, if not a complete exclusive, in which I hope it might be the best one possible.

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Themisterphenix1817d ago

I would be happy if the would release RED DEAD REDEMPTION FOR PC!
I can't help but think of all the great mods for it!I also can't wait to mod GTA5!!!!!!!

SolidStoner1817d ago

I could play tetris like GTA5 on nintendo 64.. I just want it now!!!

-Superman-1817d ago

better gameplay, more multiplayer, more mods, better grahpic, hell YEAH!!!

Psychotica1817d ago

For pc fans who are dying?

Murad1817d ago

No, for die hard pc fans. It make sense why you thought that, but I don't think that's what he meant.

DeadlyFire1816d ago

If its on PC. Then next gen is pretty much confirmed. The screens were looking to good to be just PS3/X360.

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Prcko1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Can't w8 to see gta V with icehnacer!!!

Muffins12231817d ago

Ha i doubt you could run it even with a high end gpu...if rockstar as ported games like the last couple of games they ported then its going to be a bitch to run on your computer lol.

Murad1817d ago

I totally agree, and I can't believe people are disagreeing with this frigging statement. Why don't people play GTA 4 on the highest settings with the highest resolution and see how it runs on their computers. Trust me, that port was terrible if not downright excruciating to even play. Hopefully GTA 5 will run amazing in the future.

GdaTyler1817d ago

Your statement is in fact correct. My laptop can play Batman Arkham City on high settings full speed but it lags like shit when playing GTA IV on even low settings. Amazing game, horrible PC port.

RedDeadLB1816d ago

Didn't you play Max Payne 3? If they would use the same engine as MP3 did, the PC version would be superb.

eezo1817d ago

only Xbox 360 and PS3 are listed as platforms for GTA V at E3Insider website......

DoomeDx1817d ago

Release date: TBH.

Bullshit. There is already a release date.

NukaCola1817d ago

Murder and car-stealing sim...? LOL at that description.

rodiabloalmeida1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

We know its gonna be released for pc sometime in the future, but for now its probably just a typo.

Pro Racer1817d ago

Yesss! Would be nice to have a PC version on release opposed to a year later. Come on Rockstar, don't disappoint us!


This is like David Hayter voicing Snake for MGS5, we all know is going to happen.

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