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MGS4 L-E PS3 Available For Preorder ; Cost $729.90

LaptopLogic reported that Sony plans to debut a gunmetal Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition Playstation 3 on June 12 in Japan for 51,800 Yen ($520). LaptopLogic's reader, David pointed out you can pre-order it NOW for a whopping $729.90 at Game-Asia.com. The store will offer Free shipping worldwide. (Industry, PS3)

Credit url: games-asia.com
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decapitator  +   2621d ago
Now that is a lot of money. Kinda reminds me of when the PS3 first launched. But me been a HUGE MGS fan, I will probably bite or wait and see if it comes overseas.
sonarus  +   2621d ago
as much of a huge mgs4 fan i am, i am more than happy with my 60GB console with FULL backwards compatibility. I also find it quite foolish to own more than one of the same console especially when there are starving kids out there
mighty_douche  +   2621d ago
Yeah you should give them your spare console, might help them forget the hunger?
slowlearner  +   2621d ago
two consoles and two flatscreens comes in handy when you want to play multiplayer with your girlfriend. Not enough games these days have decent split screen options. I'm not saying it's not foolish though :)
sonarus  +   2621d ago
lol @mighty douche. You would be decide how much a video game console can do for a kid in need. When i was little i could probably go for a whole day playing nes without food or water.
SUP3R  +   2621d ago
I would only pay that price if it was the original 60G hardware infrastructure with a 80G+ hard drive.
That's a rediculous asking price by game-asia.
Just wait til' it gets to the US, although I think they might launch the white PS3 around MGS4 release.
Marceles  +   2621d ago
At least there's free shipping haha..but I guess the price isn't bad for a diehard MGS fan. Personally I think the gunmetal color is cool for the occasion, but I wouldn't want my console to be permanently that color.
Sayai jin  +   2621d ago
Wow, thats a lot of money, but I am sure for the die hard it is something they will not mind buying.
doodle  +   2621d ago
This is for JAPAN
another misleading title
Farsendor1  +   2621d ago
well whoever published this story is not their fault blame these guys http://www.laptoplogic.com/...
clevernickname  +   2621d ago
Um, no.
$729.90 for a slightly lighter black? No thanks.
kunark  +   2621d ago
can buy the metal gear 80gb with ds3 bundle for 499.99 starting on june 12th acording to gamestop now thats worth it imo...
PStriple703  +   2621d ago
nice avi
BachelorBrit  +   2621d ago
This is a Japan exclusive no doubt why do they keep getting all these Limited Editions when we all know the Metal Gear Solid franchise is bigger and more popular in the West.
jay2  +   2621d ago
Erm right fine, are we paying for the plain to fly it to us.....?
Bladestar  +   2621d ago
Something tells me Sony is going to try to sell MGS4 for at least $70-$90.... sadly... this game is the only reason I would buy a PS3... so, I would be one of those suckers to pay for it... Sony knows Metal Gear is the reason why people care about the PS3.. and they are planning to use that knowledge.
TriggerHappy  +   2621d ago
You getting a PS3 ? No wonder your recent comments have been sort of.....good.
heyheyhey  +   2621d ago
"Sony knows Metal Gear Solid is the only reason people care about PS3"

wrong- there are loads of Ratchet, SOCOM, God of War, Gran Turismo etc etc fans out there- oh yeah and there's this little franchise some people are quite fond of:

Final Fantasy- im sure you've heard of it

but yes, MGS is important to Sony and they really want to capitalize on it
Salvadore  +   2621d ago
730, now that's cheap if your living in Europe.
Laexerias  +   2621d ago
Hell yeah
Its lesser than a normal PS3 costs in the Stores!

Limited Edition with Free Shipping 729$ in America
Limited Edition With Free Shipping 472€ in European

Cost of a normal Console in Stores here in European 500 (with 2 Games and 2 Controller)
whoelse  +   2621d ago
Hopefully it will come to europe and america but i doubt it will as the current one for pre-order in america is the normal 80Gb black.
gungnir13  +   2621d ago
oh mother
good amount of dough for that ps3. if it had the compatibility like the first series of PS3s, then it's worth "considering".
heyheyhey  +   2621d ago

but then again, some people paid in excess of £1000 to get a PS3 at launch on eBay
Timesplitter14  +   2621d ago
Well it's pricey but I'd buy it if I didn't have a PS3 already
Gobstoper  +   2621d ago
All I want is that controller
jessupj  +   2621d ago
lol, you guys think 730 is a lot. Try $1000. That's what we pay here is Australia. Pity I can't import one. Or can I? Can I import a PS3?

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